Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Man Jake

Jake had a yearly physical yesterday.


Or not.

The doctor checked his eyes and then turned to me and said, "You've been told about the iris in his eye?"


All those trips to the pediatrician in Michigan and it was never mentioned.
It turns out that Jake has 'iris coloboma.' One eye is fine. The other has an iris that is oval and goes all the way down to the outer edge of the brown part of his eye. His eyes are so dark brown that I never noticed.

Sometimes the condition affects vision, sometimes not, so he needs to go see an eye doctor. Sometimes iris coloboma is associated with a syndrome that affects the kidneys, so Jake is going to have an ultrasound on Friday. In my over-zealous research on the Internet, I learned that sometimes it can mean a missing kidney.

Since Jake was born with six fingers on each hand, it could be part of a syndrome.

We will find out in a week or so when the results are given to us. In the meantime, I will not give in to the icy fingers of fear that are trying to grip my heart for my little Jakie. I am just very thankful for a thorough doctor who noticed his Jake's eye and wants to check everything out.


Jill said...

Bless his stinkin' little heart! No worries! God did NOT bring you this far to let something like this deter you :)

What a cutie pie! Love the photos! Will be praying for positive news!

Hugs, Jill

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Sending prayers for your precious Jake. So grateful that he can get the medical care he needs, but praying that this is just something else that makes him a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece.

Much Love,

Lori said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry but thankful for such a good doctor to catch this. I will pray that that is the extent of it and that all will be well with his kidneys.

Angie said...

Praying for Jake that all tests come back normal, and for you that fear does not take hold. I know you'll keep us posted!

Kathleen said...

God has great plans for this little one...he has placed him in the right home so that he can get all of the medical help he needs. I hope all of the appointments go very well and that you soon have answers:)

trustandobey said...

Praying for my little S-I-L. Praise God for bringing this to your attention, just in case glasses are in order. And praise God that he is in a family and country where any medical concerns can be addressed. Keep him healthy, Karin. I just know that the next time he and Kate meet will be the ticket :)

Tesseraemum said...

Bless his little heart. Syndrome or not from what you have shared with us, it's not going to slow him down anyway!!! Praying for good kidney news!! Sheri

sara said...

did you know that Jason was born with 6 fingers on each hand?

praise God for good doctors!!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

We will be praying for you all as you have tests and wait. My sister was born with this! It only affects her 1 eye and she has no other issues. She is legally blind in that eye so they tell her to be very careful of her other eye just to protect it. Hope it all turns out ok! He's such and adorable little man, these pictures just made me smile!

Holly said...

I will pray with you friend. I too have had some times where there were certain symptoms my son's displayed that could have been something much bigger. We still have renal ultrasounds for Josiah every 6 months to rule out Wilm's tumor.
May the Lord give you peace to guard your heart and your mind as you trust in Him with your precious little son's health.

momof3darlings said...

Oh he is just simply DREAMY!

Kim said...

Just as an encouragement, I had a student this year in my class who had iris coloboma in BOTH eyes. The only way he was affected was that he had to wear a hat outdoors, as his pupils couldn't constrict to combat the bright sunshine. No other medical issues were associated with it, and he had normal vision.

Praying there's good news about your little guy!

Gretchen said...

Funny...the same sort of thing just happened to me. I will call you soon.

Todd,Michelle Bloom said...

May the God of peace guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus as you await news about Jake. God is so good to take you to a new city so Jake could see a new doctor and have this discovered. Will be praying for Jake's health. He is such a cutie and reminds me of my own Jake....he has mischief written all over him!! :-) Love, Shelly