Saturday, June 12, 2010

Count the Cost?

Recently, a friend of mine posted an amazing animated video that her son produced. It's short and very touching. SaraGrace watched it and sobbed in my arms for a long time...bless her tender heart.

A few weeks ago, a well-known pastor made some comments about adoption--and how a family should 'count the cost' before considering bringing an orphan into their homes. I understood the point he was trying to make but I completely disagree with his stance that 'counting the cost' before obeying God is a Scriptural principle. The term 'counting the cost' is in Luke 14 but the context is deciding if one is going to follow Jesus or not. Counting the cost of following Christ...of whether or not you want to live the Christian life is Scriptural. I cannot find any example of using it to decide if you want to obey.

  • Did Noah count the cost of building an ark? If he had, I doubt it would have been built.

  • Moses did not count the cost of feeding and clothing all the Israelites in their 40 year trek through the wilderness. If he had, they would still be in Egypt.

In our experience, God has provided for us AFTER we obeyed...not before. How could we accurately count the cost of raising another child if God had not yet provided the amount? If we 'counted the cost' of our parenting abilities at the time of the decision, we surely would not have proceeded. If we counted the cost regarding our finances, we would have decided we were maxed out.

No, counting the cost is not about obedience. If God tells you to do something, step out in faith. He already knows the ACCURATE cost and He knows that His wells of supply are limitless. Each time we have stepped out in faith, He has increased our abilities to do what we needed to do--be it energy, endurance, patience, finances, etc.

So if He is calling you to do something, STEP OUT in faith! Don't hide behind excuses and Christian cliches.

"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13


Kimberlie said...

I am with SarahGrace, I am sobbing. I just cry out "Jesus, Jesus! Please open the hearts of more people to adopt." It overwhelms me sometimes.

This video hits close to home because I know that our future son and his two older buddies, have watched over the years as one after another of their younger, "cuter" housemates went into the arms of their forver families. Thanks be to God, all three of them will have their happy endings sometime this year. But how many more children like them are there in foster homes and orphanages all over the world?!?

Don't count the cost but just go. Just go and trust God. He doesn't call the equipped. He equips those He calls.

Wife of the Pres. said...


I'm going now to watch the video!!!

I love your heart Karin and your wisdom that God has given along with it is EVIDENT in your words. I can't wait until I have that type of godly wisdom!


Lori said...

I haven't watched the video yet...but I will!

Loved your post. I REALLY needed to hear that. ;)

I need to email you soon. ;)

Ally said...

If only the church could open their eyes to what the Gospel really says about orphans. It breaks my heart that so many people MISS out on the blessings we have because they were afraid to step out of their comfort zone. I pray that Jesus, will help those who eyes are closed.

Wow so touching! My heart aches for these children.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Amen! That's all I can think of to say right now. :)


Gretchen said...

This post completely goes along with the book that I am reading...Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren. She talks about saying "yes" before we even know what the question is. That is after all true faith.

If people "counted the cost" in this sense every time they came across a decision to be made, there would be a lot of people doing absolutley nothing.

Jean said...

What a great post! You say it well!!
I just saw the video on another blog. It is gut wrenching- I just can't even imagine a child without a family and especially not 150 million children without a family.

Count the cost- I can't imagine a minister saying that- it was just plain wrong.

James, Dawn and Family said...


quilt-n-mama said...

Well said, I needed to hear it... again!

Kathleen said...

This was a beautiful post and one I needed to hear. I have had some interesting "chats" with people in the last few weeks who have no idea why we would want another child when we already have four children. "Are you out of your mind" they say? Yup, I guess so...I cannot turn away now that I know. Now that I have seen and now that I have a heart for those who wait. The cost is too great if I don't go:)

Thanks for the encouragement:)

Tori said...

That my sweet friend, is a WORD!!

Chris said...

Wanted to comment last night when I read it, but had to make supper. You should make it a 2 tissue warning.
Interestingly enough, our minister mentioned the Luke 14 reference on counting the cost today in church, he was referring to deciding to become a Christian, not adoption.

BTW thank you for the whole post, I needed can read why on my blog post today.

Sammy said...

That was awesome. Too many pastors are conveniently not getting it. They use the excuse that all our callings are different. I believe if He calls you to sing/teach that does not mean you still shouldn't be adopting/helping orphans. I just wish they would set the example.

Anonymous said...


Adeye said...

YES YES YES!!!!!! I love the way you have worded it, friend. I agree 200%. Time for Christian to walk on the water.

Going to watch the video.

Are you getting more settled????

Cari said...

I watched this video over the weekend with my 11 y.o. son, and he was fighting back touching.