Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun with Ryan

We have been greatly enjoying Ryan's visit. He has been catching up with friends and snapping his brothers with towels (making them wonder why they missed him?).

We cajoled him into joining us at the beach on Saturday--not Ryan's favorite activity, but a good way for him to hang out with the kids. The water was FREEZING. I mean, ICE cold. I couldn't stand to have my feet in it for more than 2 seconds. Needless to say, we stayed on the sand.

Katie gets her swim suit on to go to the beach. Um...Kate...did Jake help you put that on?

Little boys, sand, and buckets...

Kate worked very hard carrying buckets of water to the sand castle

The teenager braved the frigid waters out of sheer bordom

When did he get so grown up?

Deciding to be those annoying people who feed seagulls

Ryan finds a volunteer who is willing to get buried in the sand

"Oh Ryan...I miss you when you're gone!"

Little mermaid, with a towel on her head to keep the sun out of her eyes

"I can get out of dis...no pwoblem!'

All washed off and wrapped up in a towel

Our Father's Day was pretty low-key. Molly had a soccer game and she was so excited that Ryan was going to get to see her play. Sadly, it was very hot and humid and the players were dragging. So he didn't get to see Molly at her best--but he did get to see her play.

Gathered around big brother before the game started. Everything he does is so fascinating.

Going to lunch after the game. The little girls all want to hold hands 'wif Wyan.'

He's not too fond of my camera, so I haven't taken any more photos since Sunday. The days are going by too quickly and soon we will be heading back to the airport. Trying not to think about that yet, though.


Waitingfaithfully said...

Thanks for sharing! Great pics . . . enjoy your boy! Every minute!! :)



trustandobey said...

Oh Karin,
Looks like such a good time, despite the frigid water. Savor every minute. He will be gone soon, but then he will be back soon too. Time always marches on...

Angie said...

I wanted to post last time that Ryan really looked like he had "grown up" but I didn't want it to sound rude. But since you wrote it...I agree in a very complimentary way. Your kids seem to be absolutely loving their time with him. Thanks for sharing!

Adeye said...

Sweet, sweet, moments friend. I LOVE the way the swim suit got put on just the right way :) Perfect.

So glad you're having such a good time.

Oh, and yes, he sure does look all grown up.

sara said...

nope, don't think about it!! just take each moment as it comes!!!

I love the picture of them all sitting around him on the grass....so sweet!!!

Gretchen said...

I am so glad that you are getting to make some precious memories with Ryan. Have fun with your kiddos. Praying that time slows down for you.

James, Dawn and Family said...

what wonderful pictures! it looks as if your enjoying every moment!!

Holly said...

so very happy that all your kiddos were there for Father's Day.
Each day is a gift.
Try not to think about the day he leaves just yet.
God will give you grace to let him go...again.
He will keep coming back :)
love you,

Sharon said...

Sounds like you guys are really making the most of your time with Ryan. Looks like fun! Love the pictures!!!

Lori said...

What a sweet and funny post. And yes, Ryan looks so grown up. Wow, that's gotta be tough...yet, make you swell with pride.

The pics are fabulous and that first one just had me cracking up completely.

I love your kids!!