Saturday, June 26, 2010

God is Good

Ryan depl*yed to K*rea today and had a lay-over in a city near my sister. She and her daughter, Britt, really wanted to see Ryan before he left. After fruitless attempts to get permission over the phone, they decided to make the 2 hour drive to the airport to see if they could see him.

We were all praying and hoping and this afternoon I started getting texts from my sister:

*Keep Praying, it's showing his flight arriving early.

*They let us thru!!

*Can't find him!

*Going to his departure gate. Britt running

I couldn't figure out why his cell phone wasn't working. Still not sure why...unless his battery went dead without him realizing it. Whatever happened...none of us could reach him. There was a long silence from my sister, which I hoped meant that she had found him. And then...another text:

*Caught him just as he was boarding. Got a hug and then he left. Britt was bawling.

*Just hugged him over the barrier and he had to board. Got about 90 seconds with him. Still worth it.

For some reason, when I got the text that the airport was letting them through to see Ryan, I just completely lost it. I think it was just relief and happiness. I was driving and had to keep pulling over to read her texts. ha. I got a few dirty looks which I ignored.

You know...all week I knew that my sister and niece were going to try to see him. I knew the odds were stacked against them. Delta said no. But God.... I love how He cares about such things. He cared that some hearts needed to see His boy. I believe He removed objections and paved the way for my sister and niece to see Ryan. They almost missed him. But God...

Later, my sister sent a longer, more detailed text. Maybe it's overkill to post it but since this is my journal, I'm posting it anyway. hee!

*We went to the arrival gate but he was gone. searched the restaurants and stores and then looked up his departure info. Ran across to the other side of the airport... Ran. Britts hair flying, pushing people out of her way, tears falling, to his gate. Afraid we would miss him cuz it was so far. Got there as he was entering the tunnel. I saw the back of his head and yelled his name. He turned and saw me and I ran to him and tackle hugged him, looking for Britt also. She had run ahead and was searching the crowd for him. She saw me and shoved her way to us. Hugged him across the entrance thing. He told her not to cry...that he'd be ok. I gave him a card, hugged him again and the ticket guy told him he had to board the plane. He talked to Britt again for a min. and then he was gone.

I am still marveling that it worked out for them to see him. It's just like a big hug from God. I know that Ryan needs to go. I would never hold him back. But I didn't know it would be so hard. I truly cannot imagine how other military families see their loved ones off to Ir*q or Afgh*nistan. I am so thankful that Ryan is going to K*rea. I'm not sharing these emotional blogs for pity. I want to share what military families experience. All of my life, I have had a soft spot for those who serve, but I never had a clue what it was all about, or the sacrifices that were made. Now I am learning...and I am sharing it because I am guessing there are a lot of people just like me who want to know...who want to care...who want to thank a service person but don't have access or information. So whatever I learn, I will share.

One thing I have learned is that there is no advance planning for military families. Ryan didn't know his exact leave dates until two days before he came home. He bought a ticket the day before. ugh. And although we would love to try to make plans to have him home around Christmas, the reality is that we probably won't know until a few days before he arrives.

Annoying...but a fact of military life. I was sitting next to a Marine mom at the hair salon today and she said the same thing happens to them. You just can't make advance plans.


Lori said...

Oh my gracious, that's like a tear-jerking scene from a great movie. I'm so thankful and give God full credit for working it all out. Amazing.

I'm praying for you (and Ryan!), friend!!

Stefanie said...

So sweet. Thank you for posting that text in it's entirety, made me cry!
It's so true, military life is a sacrifice. And it can be hard. But there are so many blessings for those called to serve our country :)
In becoming a wife to a career military man, I went through years of rebelling against the belief that we had NO say in our future, where we'd move, how long we'd be there, etc. It drove me crazy! Then I realized that God was and IS in control! And now I just don't worry about it anymore, and have come to LOVE military life, it's a real adventure and whenever and wherever we go, I still know I can trust HIM... He has blessed us beyond my imagination from the unlikeliest of sources :)
Big hugs to you!!

trustandobey said...

So glad that God gave everyone a hug this way. It is something to be hugged by God Almighty, isn't it? He has His eye on Ryan:)
Praying for you all,

sara said...

What a great post!!! I LOVED hearing how God worked it all out for your sister and smiled/cried through the whole thing!!!

it is frustrating not to be able to make plans.....but the good news is God planned it all a long time ago!!

and btw, I wish you could come visit are welcome ANY time and let's just say I would do some cookin' for you!!! :) so funny because one reason I am not looking forward to an empty nest is having only 2 people to cook for. When you love to cook, it's "the more the merrier" for sure!!!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, my friend, I cannot stop weeping after reading you last two posts. What emotion. I can't imagine. Thank you for allowing the Lord to have His will and His way in Ryan's life. You're walking in Hannah's footsteps, and it must be so painful. May He wrap His loving arms around you today.

Kim K. said...

We're back home from our vacation and I'm sneaking in a few of my favorite blogs (instead of doing laundry). You've had such an emotional rollercoaster. Please know that I'm thinking of you, Karin.

Meredith said...

Wow!!! So glad they were able to see him!!!

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Will be praying for you and Ryan. Deployment is so hard. My husband and I married christmas Eve 2005 and 3 months later he deployed to Ir#qi. I had to drive him to the airport, he and the CO flew out togehter, my guy was the command master chief. UGH I bawled my eyes out at LAX. That was a long 8 months, he travelled all over IR@qi, he had troops in 6 different places. The deployment was toughest on my 13 year old son. Daily he asked if I had gotten a call or email from the Chief, and if I hadn't, he was beside himself.

Blessings to you and your family

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'm just all emotional as it is and reading this post got me all choked up again. I too was secretly hoping Ryan wouldn't pass his test but we know that His plans are FAR greater than our plans and that Ryan is off to Korea to further God's glory--not our own interpretation of what is "good" or "safe" or whatever. But I know your Mama's heart is wringing out every tear over his departure.

You will continue to be in my prayers!


Gretchen said...

What an amazing story. I am praying for Ryan and all of you at home.