Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Moving, Schmoving

I am so over this whole moving thing. Oh, except the moving isn't over because a bunch of our junk lovely possessions are still in the basement and garage of the 'old' house.

The little kids and the dog are totally confused. A bazillion times per day I hear, "Mom, are we donna lib hewe? Are we going to da new house or da old house?" At first, I patiently explained. After the millionth time, I became annoyed. At this point, I'm trying very hard not to be sarcastic. The dog...well, we won't even go there. Needless to say, she is banished to her crate whenever we are gone.

Jeff had to go out of town on Tue. and will be back Thur. night, hence my mindset,
"When I got up this morning, I had one nerve left. And now you're getting on it."
When I have too much to do, I tend to get cranky with toddlers who keep getting underfoot.

Just when I was at my crabbiest and was putting the kids to bed tonight, God changed my perspective as I listened to SaraGrace say her prayers.

"Dear God, thank you for giving me such a great family. I love how you did dat. And thank you for how good You are to me. I like how you do dat. And thank you for my great family and friends. I like how you did dat for me...." She kept thanking God for her great family and I felt like such a heel that I had been so short with everyone all day.

Even when I am a crab, my sweet girl finds it in her heart to tell me, "You're da best mom, ever."

My sweet little punkin was diagnosed with ADHD this week--not a very big surprise. She now has an IEP at school and will hopefully get lots of extra help.
Last week, Ryan was almost positive he was going to be discharged from the Army. He consistently failed the running part of PT, which is required to stay and graduate. We began making plans for what he would do when he came home. Adding a bedroom in the basement, car, college, etc. Our brains and emotions were spinning. He took what he thought was his last running test and failed it.

The next day, he sent me a text..."I passed PT!!!!! I'm goin' to Korea!" I couldn't believe it! He had run again that morning and he suddenly ran a minute faster than he had been running previously. We had been praying that if God wanted Ryan to stay in the military, He would enable Ryan to pass the run. If He wanted Ryan home, He would not help Ryan pass it.

I would call that answer miraculous--even though I'm not totally sure that I like the answer.

Readjusting emotions again....
All spring, we have been watching for our swan friends to show off their babies. The mama swan was gone for so long, we began to fear that she had died or something. But no....this week, they debuted their six adorable babies! We went over there today for a little bit to see if they would allow the babies to get close to us. Surprisingly, they did! We were hissed at quite a bit and the Mama positioned herself between us and the babies, but we got a great view of them. The big girls were dying to hold one.

This little cutie climbed onto his Mama's back and rode for awhile.

Cleaning up after a long swim


Sean and Lisa said...

Ok, can I just say I think you are amazing! Moving, unpacking and settling in with toddlers underfoot doesn't sound fun. You go girl!

Yeah for Ryan! We've been praying for him here. So glad to hear the news.

Hang in there mommy. You are doing a fabulous job!!

Lori said...

Your description of yourself (being cranky when there's too much to do) is soooo ME too! And how gracious of God to send SaraGrace words of syrupy sweetness to jolt you back into a better spiritual mind-set!

Those photos are amazing. Wow! But I really would have liked to see the cranky Mama swan retaliating. Work on that next time. :)

Adeye said...

Soooo with you, friend--OVER IT!!!! I have declared that this mama is NEVER moving house again....EVER!!!

Wow, that sure is amazing about Ryan.

Loving you. Let's just get together and be crabby together :)

Holly said...

I so wish I lived closer so I could help!!
Praise God for answers to prayer...even if we aren't sure we like the answer!!
Have missed you in bloggy land!

trustandobey said...

Welcome back from the cone!!! I feel for you and the move. I cannot even get motivated to clean out the basement!!! Totally overwhelms me. Hang in there, Jeff is back tomorrow night. Are you entering the "Eyes" contest? Let me know. If so , I would love to see your photo. The swans are beautiful!

Jean said...

What a beautiful prayer by SaraGrace. Kinda puts things into perspective...huh! At least for me it did!! I'm kinda having one of those days, too.

Congrats to Ryan! It is hard though for M&D to readjust after just readjusting- if ya know what I mean

By any chance have YOU seen my TA???

Beautiful pics!

Cindy said...

Way to go Ryan!
Gotta love the way HE chooses our path and we have to enjoy the ride.

Sweet prayers.

Anonymous said...

Your getting there. Thank you for coming by and seeing us in the middle of everything you have going on. I love the new babies!!

Angie said...

Ugh...moving is never least the unpacking part. Why can't that be part of the relocation deal? I had a VERY crabby day Monday, and I didn't have a smidgen going like you do. Hang in there...and yeah for Ryan! He must be so excited, albight his mom's apprehension. As for SG, a lot of our history's finest and brightest could have had the same diagnosis. Look at Thomas Edison...his mom must have had the patience of Job! She'll do just fine, I'm sure!!

Ally said...

wow just when I thought I had a rough week. Hang in there! I just love how God uses our children to teach us "grow-ups" things we tend to miss in the middle of a hectic week.

Tesseraemum said...

I'm with Lori, I think the mama swan was cranky too. She wasn't hissing at you she was telling all of her babies "didn't I tell you to stay AWAY from the darn humans? They are FULL of germs! How many times do I have to tell you?!"
Also, I think I warned you about leaving stuff alone at the old house. The last "few" things are the worst. Not to mention that fact that they reproduce when your not there.
Also, also!! My 10 year old has adhd and sensory processing issues. email me! You have to stay on top of the school and be sure her teacher gets the picture early on so you don't loose half the school year! SaraGrace is probably a joy to have in class and when they are not wreaking havoc in the classroom they don't get the extra help they need. Olivia is that way. She moves around alot but she is nice and helpful so the teachers just love her and look over her issues. Its not a popular position but talk to your doctor about the meds available.There are several to choose from now and as an adult with add I can tell you what a difference it makes. email me and I will elaborate! Sheri

quilt-n-mama said...

moving just isn't fun, is it? We are started to pack to move to the other house as well... so funny because our kids ask the same question- are we going to the new house or old one all the time!
Love the swan pictures!

Kim K. said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were surviving all the moving and unpacking. You've had so much going on. Praise GOD for Ryan's good news and a sweet little girl to put things into perspective. Please know that I'm thinking of you. Hugs!

Sharon said...

I'm glad you were able to give us an update! I was getting ready to email, but knew you were busy.

My kids always make me feel guilty when I'm being grumpy and their sweetness comes out. What a beautiful picture of SaraGrace!

Glad you and Ryan now know what his future holds. I totally understand you feeling uneasy, but I know God is watching over Ryan.

Hang in there! One day this whole moving thing will be a distant memory.

NorrisBradwell04張 said...

your son/daughter is so cute............................................................

sara said...

I would say that was definitely an answer to prayer!!! When does he leave?