Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on Ryan

Ryan is scheduled to graduate June 17th from his current training phase. Jeff and I had planned to try to fly down for the big event but Ryan had a different idea.

He gets 10 days leave and will be coming home the day he graduates. He wants a big airport welcome!

He didn't want us to come to graduation because the milit*ry is flying him home and he was afraid he would arrive in Boston before we did.

So...we are not watching his graduation. We are planning a red, white and blue celebration at the airport next Thursday night! We can't wait to see him! The little kids ask about him all the time and miss him so much.

I don't know any details about the actual date he leaves for Korea, but we know that he will only be home for 10 days. He will find out where he needs to report when they think he needs to know. ha.

My goal is to have the new house looking unpacked and relaxing by the time he gets here. That will be challenging, but hopefully do-able. The kids are still in school all next week, so I continue to drive them 20 min. across town morning and afternoon. Thankfully, SaraGrace's kindergarten class is done tomorrow. This past week, I have just stayed on that side of town, gone over to the other house and continued packing and cleaning everything until her bus drops her off around noon.
Then home to unpack...then back to school at 3...then to the doctor...then home.
Yes...the doctor. Like we really needed that?! One was just a routine check-up but today, Kate had to be seen for yet ANOTHER case of cellulitis. UGH. This time we caught it really early, but the doctor wants to wait for the culture to be completed before she gives any meds. There is no way I am going to wait beyond tomorrow afternoon for results. I really don't want Kate to land back in the hospital. Anyone have any tips on keeping a kid from scratching her mosquito bites or healing scabs?


Kimberlie said...

Yeah Ryan's coming home! That is awesome. If I lived anywhere on the East Coast, I would travel to Boston to welcome him home. He'd say, "Mom, who is that crazy short woman that's cheering for me? I've never met her."

No tips on keeping kids from scratching or picking scabs. I wish I did - I have 2 scratchers and scab pickers and I can't keep them from doing it. They don't have sweet Katie's issues though so no doctor visits.

Hey, if you have any advice on keeping little ladies from picking their nose and eating it, I could use it. Mine does it and it makes me gag. Ugh!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Tell Ryan we are so proud of him! I'm glad he passed his run and that God made it very clear which path he was to take. I find it so ironic that my father (who was based at Ft. Jackson) was also sent to Korea on his first assignment many, many years ago! I will be praying for God's protection over him and that you'll be able to enjoy every second of the 10 days he's home!!!

Love, Kristin

Lori said...

I REALLY wish I could come help you put your house together! But darn those pesky 1,000+ (?) miles between us. But now you've got a huge fire lit under you so hopefully you will move at lightning speed.

I will be praying for Katie-bug. When I was a kid we used to put clear nail polish (or colored!) over our mosquito bites to stop the itch. It really worked! But I have no idea if that's a good idea for Katie...I'd sure hate for that to start some other issue all together!


trustandobey said...

I would love to help you unpack too. Anything to stay out of my own basement mess! Now you have a fun goal so maybe that will take the sting out of the move.
I don't know about Katie. The first thing that came to mind was the liquid bandage that you coat on. I think Bandaid brand carries it. What about Calamine lotion? Didn't we all use that as kids to squeltch the itch? Do you keep her fingernails cut short? That would probably reduce infection. Do you coat her with repelent? There are some good ones out there that are plant-based now. The best thing is if she never got another bite in the first place:)

ps-Yeah Ryan!!! What a great treat those 10 days will be!!!!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

That's the military for you. EVERYTHING is on a need to know basis. LOL.

Holly said...

When Halle was little, she used to get eaten up my skeeters and would scratch to the point of infection.
So...I seriously...yes I did...bought princess bandaids and I put them ALL over her body...they were called TATTOO bandaids...stuck better than reg. ones.
She thought it was keen and it kept her from scratching.
Also, I have taught Josiah to PAT the bites, NOT scratch.
Offer a reward system...if you see her patting then she gets a skittle....if she is scratching, she doesn't.
Hope it helps!

GrangerBaxters said...

Hey, Is he landing on the 17th? I want to drive out.... I can't be there if it's the 17th but if it's the 18th I'm there.. I will stay just one a hotel to give you time with Ryan but I really want to be there....let me know when he's landing. Could you e-mail me... Love you!

~Cassie said...

Wish I lived closer so I could be there to see Ryan =D and to help unpack of course :P

Tesseraemum said...

Congrats to Ryan!
A friend's daughter just married a guy stationed in S.Korea. She went to visit just recently and loved it!She would move there if they would let her! Might be a better place for a mama to visit than North Dakota ;)

James, Dawn and Family said...

Yea for Ryan!!! I wish I had someting for the bites. Both girls have had terrible reactions to "mittio" bites. Lize got cellulitus last year. We started using special shampoo for the warm months and spray that has cut down bites a ton. It is Fairy Tales rosemary repel. It is infused w/pure rosemary oil. Another mom of asian children told me about it.

Adeye said...

Yayyeeee friend, I am so thrilled that you will have your boy home for a few days. That is such wonderful news. I know it is going to be hard to say goodbye again, but don't even think about that until the time comes. Make the most of every minute you have him home :)

Happy unpacking this weekend :)

Jean said...

Oh my dear friend you are busy...

Congrats to Ryan! He so deserves the red, white and blue celebration- he has worked so hard! Your family alone is a crowd! if ya want I could bring my crew!!- wished we lived closer- we would so be there!

God Bless You!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

we just learned that a dab of ammonia on the bite will take it away... so far it works in our house... and Anthony DIGS at his bites constantly!!!! Until he bleeds! I finally bought ammonia today after borrowing some at grandma's over the weekend! It will take a while to use that huge bottle! haha! Hope that helps!

Carol said...

Hello Karen, I am a LWB volunteer and somehow found your blog and have been addicted for some time. I have never posted but, you touched on one of my topics. I have a little 5 year old peanut from Hubei and she is a mosquito magnet with HUGE welts and itching! We have come up with 2 solutions. One is the "OFF brand clip on fan with repelent." I clip the unit on to her very back belt loop and she just does her thing without really breathing in the stuff. It works well at preventing bites. Please check with your doctor before using this product.

The other is an after the fact solution. If she gets a bite, it immediately becomes a welt. I will immediately put an Astringent on the bite. I use Clean & Clear or Clinique but, I would imagine you could use any brand. This is the stuff we used to put on our faces as teens to get prevent acne; remember Sea Breeze? Anyway, it will usually take away the itch and swelling fairly quickly and smells good. We also find growling AT and smashing mosquitos very effective!! Good for kid morale!!

Hope this helps, thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us all. I always keep your family in my prayers and have been praying for Ryan to have a quick conclusion to his trials. Kindly, Carol