Monday, June 28, 2010

Jordan's Fabulous News

Our little Jordan has microtia, a condition where a child is born missing the outer portion of the ear. It can affect one ear or both. Jordan has one ear affected.

He will eventually get a prosthetic, but our ENT in Michigan told us that it would not happen until age 7. This is due to wanting to wait until the child is old enough to only have to do one prosthetic.
He is five now and has been asking quite often when he will get his 'new ear.' Bless his heart. I decided to start the process and see if the answer would be the same at Boston Children's.

I took him today for the first stage...a hearing test. We had been told in Michigan that it was very unlikely that Jordan could hear out of his affected ear.

But today...drum roll...he CAN hear out of that ear!! His cochlea is working PERFECTLY! He still does not hear out of that ear, though, because there is not an open ear canal.

His next step is probably a cat scan to see if he has an ear canal. The doctor he needs to see has a waiting list until Sept. We are on a cancellation list, though, so maybe we will get in sooner.

We are so excited for him!! He was grinning from ear to ear when I told him. I don't think he fully understood, but he new it was good news.


Kimberlie said...

This is such incredibly awesome news! I hope there is a cancellation soon and that the news is there is something they can do NOW. Having just had a son go through kindergarten, and have a big 4th grader tell him he had "girl's lips" and how it devastated his self-image, I know that this can be huge for Jordan. No one wants to be different, sometimes you just are and that's it, but if there is something that can help a child appear the same, well that's pretty darn awesome.

Hugs to you! And, I am praying for Ryan and for you. It's a lot of adjustments.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Awesome!!! Great news.

I spent the entire day at CHildren's hospital with the twins at the cranial facial clinic and audiology.Whew! What a day.

Kim K. said...

Fantastic news! I'm so happy for you and Jordan.

Lori said...

Oh, Karin!! That is so great news!! I'm soooo happy for him. God is so good and cares SO MUCH about His little ones!

Thanks for sharing!!

trustandobey said...


Stefanie said...

Yay!! Wow, what awesome news... that is HUGE for him!
We'll be at Boston's Children again in mid July.... any chance you'll be there as well??
Congratulations to Jordan, hope he gets that cancellation appointment so he can be seen soon :)

sara said...

that is AWESOME news!!!

Shonni said...

That is great news and he is sooo cute!

Angie said...

Very cool news, Jordan!! Sure hope you get an earlier appointment so you can get in to see the dr!

mom2-4boys said...

What great news for Jordan!!!

I am giggling here. I was at Children's Hospital yesterday too... Declan was at he dentist there. I actually love the dentistry department, they were awesome. The traffic getting there was horrible but well worth it. I pulled into the valet parking area at 12:57 and the appointment was 1:00. EEECk...... We ran through the halls so we were not late. So if you saw a lady with a little blonde curly haired boy running that was us!!! ;)

I called for an appointment that morning and they said nothing until August 6th then she said wait how about today at 1:00. I know God was at work there... This momma needed some answers about her little man's teeth and now I have them!

So very happy for Jordan and the wonderful answers you got yesterday!!!

Acceptance with Joy said...

Karin, It would have been fun to meet up in person... only Our Children's Hospital is on the opposite coast of yours :-) Blessings.

Kristin Ferguson said...

That is great news, Karin! Can't wait to hear about the ear canal issue too! Funny. My only concern for Nadia is her hearing. We're going to the ENT/Audiologist next Wed. I'll be interested to see what they have to say as well!

So happy for you and Jordan!

Jaime said...

Karin, we live in MI too and got that we couldn't do anything for our son Sawyer's microtia atresia until he was 10 or older. Though I know many doctors that are performing these surgeries sooner. That is just amazing and wonderful news for Jordan. God is good!