Thursday, July 16, 2009

My kids

This morning, Jakie came into the room wearing one of the girls' Easter hats. Zoey looked at him and said, "You wook prvitty." ( That's Zoey-speak for, "You look pretty.")

Jake looked at her in disgust and said, "I not pvitty." And he wasn't. He looked absurd but I wasn't quick enough to get a photo. Rats...

This afternoon, Taylor thought it would be fun to let me smell his armpits. You know...a little mom/son bonding experience. He pinned me and rubbed his stinky armpits on my shirt. Gross. As I headed past him, I spotted a bag of dirty diapers that I was going to throw in the garbage. Perfect. I picked it up and waved it in his face. He tried to fend me off but I persisted. At some point in the fracas he accused me of pushing the bag into his mouth, which is completely untrue. He has been grumbling all evening, while I secretly gloat that I grossed him out more than he grossed me out. Bahahahaha

This evening, we were out in the backyard playing when Jillian started yelling, "Mom! Look at SaraGrace!"

I looked for her but didn't see any sign of her. "Where? Where?" I yelled.
Jillian yelled, "Up there! In the tree!"

With visions of my baby falling out of the tree and breaking her leg, I dashed over to the tree. She was not visible until I got right under it and sure enough...there she was. I had my camera in hand and she was already posing.

Rather than my kids being camera shy, I am now met with a chorus of, "Mom! Smile me!" whenever I get the camera out. It cracks me up! I'm glad they don't mind me sticking my camera in their faces at every opportunity.

I'm starting to see this expression a lot lately.

Chloe has been wanting me to curl her hair lately. It doesn't last long.

Could he look any more mischievous?


Lori said...

Oh that Jake...he has "I'm always up to somethin'" written all over him. Golly, I love that kid! And Karin, I so admire your ability to keep up with him! Wow, what a wonder woman you are! Just wait til he's about 15! Bahahaha. Oh, sorry. ;)

Love the armpit story...that sounds exactly like something my boys would do. I think our households are amazingly similar! I just need to add a few more kids.

Kim K. said...

I just love your daily adventures. You had better keep posting them even when you move. I'll go through withdrawal. Hugs.

Adeye said...

How blessed you are with such amazing treasures in this life...blessed indeed. I LOVE seeing the pics of your daily life and the adventures God takes you on. Never a dull moment, hey? I know you would have it no other way. How wonderful that I get to journey right along side you here on your blog :)

Chris said...

Good for you taking pictures, I can never find my camera at the right time!
Crazy teen -age boys!