Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cracking up!

Zoey sits on top of the boxes in the kitchen

Oh my goodness...I am totally cracking up reading the comments some of you posted to my last entry!! You guys are so funny!!

And yes...I can relate to all of you!

We currently have 1, 327 shoes. None of them match. How can anyone CONSISTENTLY lose one shoe of each pair you own? All of our little kids do this with extraordinary talent. Today we went to get some lunch, since all of our kitchen stuff is packed. We were herding all the kids out to the car when we noticed that Katie-bug had no shoes. A search party was sent out but came back empty-handed. We never did find her shoes and I am starting to think they might have accidentally gotten packed. Dang. I guess we will be buying another pair of flip-flops to add to her mounting collection.

I have to be honest and admit that I lose stuff, too. Rather than look for it, I just accuse other people of taking it. "Who took my.....?" hee! Before we had kids, Jeff didn't take this too well. Now that we have kids, my accusation is thrown into the air, aimed at no one in particular.

The movers are done and the truck will be arriving tomorrow morning to begin loading our junk belongings. It is a bit unnerving every time I watch the truck pull away with everything we own--especially photo albums and video's of the kids. I know moving vans must crash every now and then.

Would you believe we forgot to get DVD's out for the trip? I think we might have to crack a box open and get some out. We are going to have a boy car and a girl car on the way to Boston. That way we can have girl movies, girl music, and Jillian can read girl stories out loud. The boys can do whatever in their car, toot, burp, etc..

We don't have help unpacking on the other end, but that is okay. One time we were told we could have help, so we let the movers unpack. Big Mistake. UGH. All they did was unload every box all over the place. I was upstairs putting things away for a few hours and when I came down, the kitchen counters were piled about two feet high with all the stuff they had taken out of boxes. Everywhere I looked, the floors were covered with piles of the contents of the boxes. Grrrr.... I was so overwhelmed that I wanted to sit down and cry. Never again. I will handle the unpacking by myself, thank you!

The little kids are facinated with the moving truck, so they hopped up to check it out.

Tomorrow, my mom 'happened' to have a day off school. Happened...yeah. Thank you, Jesus for giving my mom the day off on the very day that we are moving. I plan to take the kids down to Grandma and Grandpa's for the afternoon to get them out of the way of the movers. It is going to be so hard to say good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa. BUT...it will be okay. It's an adventure that God is orchestrating and it will be good. :)


Kim K. said...

That's just brilliant to have a girl car and a boy car for movie and music selections. Good thinking, Karin. Best wishes with everything. I can't wait until you have internet access all set up from the new house. Make sure that camera doesn't get packed up. Keep it close by. Hugs!!

trustandobey said...

Are you having fun yet??? Hang in there. The adventure is right around the corner:)

Lori said...

Hey, swing by my house on your way out. I think I have the matches to all your shoes.

Oh, and can I please catch a ride with you in the girls' car? That would be serious fun.

Holly said...

just 4 words for you concerning the road trip:
treasures in heaven girl!