Thursday, July 02, 2009


So...congress just passed a bill they call 'Cap and Trade.' It's the biggest tax increase passed in the history of the world. No exaggeration.

They will tax energy sources, so that we will all pay higher amounts to heat and cool our homes. Factories and businesses will do the same. They will then pass that cost onto us, so that our food, clothing, and the other things we purchase will cost more.

Which means we will buy less.

Which means the economy will continue to decline.

Which means even more people will lose their jobs.


Why this makes sense to congress, is a mystery to me.


Lori said...

Well...people wanted CHANGE. No food on the table is certainly a change. I hope they enjoy it.

Hopefully their hunger for HOPE will lead them to the TRUE One of hope.

It's just beyond my wildest imagination why people can't see what a horrible direction our country is being taken in.

GrangerBaxters said...

YOU ARE SUCH A PATRIOTIC NERD!!! Isn't Boston even closer to all the sights of our country's foundings??? You may very well explode so close to all this cool founding fathers stuff.... I love you my Patriotic Nerd friend... Come to South Bend we're shooting fireworks tonight AND tomorrow night. I guess we love the country more here in Michiana!!!

Joyful mom said...

Don't even get my dear hubby started on this stuff :)

Shonni said...

Don't get my husband or son started on this either....

Holly said...

Hmmm. Perhaps you should run for Congress or something. The Lord knows we need some people with some common sense...enough sense to look to Him for wisdom.
We ARE still one nation UNDER God, right? Right? Lord help us.