Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day four in the moving adventure

I feel old. As in creaky. Every muscle in my body aches. Good grief, how can that be? How hard is it to unpack boxes for goodness sakes? Obviously harder than what I was doing previously. I need to exercise more.

Yesterday is a day I don't care to repeat. Lots of fighting, shrieking, not sharing, and whining. Oh and the kids did some of that, too. hahahahahaha Seriously, though, they were unglued. I would like to say that I kept it together and was all patient and Christ-like. Yeah. The truth is that I was annoyed, exasperated and worn out.

Today will be better, right? Today, I got up early and was able to spend time with God without everyone interrupting me every five seconds. Ahhhh....peace and quiet. There's nothing quite like it!

Jeff came home for dinner and um...there wasn't any. You know...'cause I was unpacking and all and didn't notice the late hour. Oh...and the fact that everything I wanted to make had at least one major ingredient missing from the pantry or fridge. So, he took us out for Chinese. He is so sweet.

I was frazzled and the kids were whining and crying when we got in the car. Jeff had purchased a GPS to help us get around because the roads here are incredibly winding. It is nearly impossible to figure out how to get anywhere without a GPS. Well, now Jakie has some new words in his ever-expanding vocabulary. From the back seat we hear:
"Turn right."
"Turn left."
"Recalculatatatating..." (That's Jake-speak for 'recalculating.')

He's had lots of practice with that word, because the dumb GPS keeps telling us that it has to recalculate, since we have made another wrong turn. I heard a comedian once say that GPS's were run by terrorists so that Americans can't find their way around their own country. hahahaha If you have ever used one, you will know why that is sooooo funny.

I know that some of you are wanting pictures...and please forgive me...but I just haven't had the energy to take any. Molly told me yesterday that she was SO surprised that I haven't been taking any pictures. ha. That should tell you how much they are used to seeing me with a camera attached to my face. When I get more boxes unpacked, I promise I will get out and take pictures. The area is very beautiful--and they even have BLUE hydrangeas here!! BLUE! I have bought them and planted them in Michigan, but the soil is never right and they are always pink (despite dumping copious amounts of the fertilizer on them that turns them blue). The soil must be perfect for blue ones here because they are everywhere. I wanted to take pictures, but I think I might make a bad impression on my neighbors if they see me skulking around in their yards taking pictures of their flowers.


Lynsay said...

Hello dear friend. I almost fell over reading the "screaming and shrieking" comment. Haha, that was SO my yesterday! I'm sorry. I hate moving, and the most kids I have ever had to move with was 2!

On better news, my sister in law is visiting, she prefers to trust her GPS more than us (who know the roads around here like the back of our hand!) I have been getting in more arguments with a machine in the last few days than I think Bill and I have ever had! Ugh!

Love you and praying for all to go smoothly!

trustandobey said...

Hi Karin,
Moving is HARD work. Give yourself a break just take it at a do-able pace if you can. Hey, the Chinese place isn't going anywhere, i am sure. If it makes you feel any better, my entire summer project was just to declutter my bedroom...haven't touched it!!! We are down to 3 weeks of summer left!!! Prraying that God will multiply your time:)

Kim K. said...

I don't envy you. Hang in there. Hopefully, the weekend will give you a chance to recover from this week's stress. I miss your pictures, but I can't even imagine how you even have energy to blog right now. Hugs!!

Adeye said...

Oh goodness, sorry your day was crappy. Ug--nothing worse than moving. Nothing. I have no idea how you are even relatively sane after doing it with so many little ones. This too shall pass, friend. Before you know it you'll be settled again.

Leave the kids with hubby and go and sit in a coffee shop with a magazine--have some time out.

Cari Bacon said...

Oh, Karin! I feel for you!! Someday this will all be a distant memory, although, that doesn't much good for today. Maybe you can take a break from unpacking and give all your little a squirt of lotion to massage all over your body...low cost massage and entertainment for them! Better have on a bathing suit for easy clean up. :)

Donna said...

Hi: Not sure where in New England you are, but I grew up living just outside of Boston and on Cape Cod summers and week-ends, and yes the hydrangeas there are blue. They are my favorite and no matter how hard I try, now living in Florida I can't get them blue. I can't wait to see the photos you take, though I am sure they will make me very home sick.