Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medical supplies needed for orphans

The Foundation that was instrumental in saving the lives of our SaraGrace and Kate, is in need of medical supplies. There is a woman in the U.S. who coordinates donations with people who are traveling to China. The supplies can then be hand delivered, which saves on the cost of shipping. If you are interested in donating, you can contact Rebecca Doris.

Rebecca's letter is below with list included:

Some of you may have contacts in the medical field that are willing to donate the medical supplies. Dr. Joyce desperately needs the medical supplies listed. I am glad to send any of these supplies to HOPE with people that I know traveling. There are adoptive families traveling as well as others that volunteer to take suitcase to Beijing Airport for HOPE. Contact me if you have any donations. Or if you traveling soon and are willing to take a suitcase or two, let me know and we can make plans.

Rebecca in TN r s dorris @ place to be . org

Volunteer – coordinator of supplies donated in US

Current Wish List for HOPE

Medical Supplies Needed

-Casting supplies for club foot babies – 2 inch fiberglass casting tape and 2 inch padding and stockinet

-Used abduction braces

Dr Joyce is treating several kids of different ages for clubbed feet and is running out of braces.

Any size any condition is fine as long as the shoes are not too worn out.

Hand Sanitizer

-hand sanitizer bottles with pumps (1 liter or less for easier traveling)

-hand sanitizer for institutional wall units (major on-going need)

Can be ordered from various companies; here’s the link where we have ordered -

Dial Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Fragrance-Free - 800 ml (12 pouches for about $65)

Sneakers and casual shoes for little ones – size 4 – 8 – girls and boys

(These can be new or gently used.)

Socks – infant and preschool age for boys and girls

Cloth Bibs

Preemie Diapers (not newborn but specific diaper size for preemie babies)

Pacifiers (not brand specific)

Medications (can be store brand or name brand)

Cough meds for infants and children

Allergy medications for infants and children

Diaper Rash Cream

Infants Tylenol

Infants Motrin/Ibuprofen

Antibiotic ointment or cream (like Neosporin Triple-Antibiotic Ointment)

Gas Drops

Steroid Cream (like hydrocortisone cream)

Multivitamins for infants (liquid) – with or without iron

Children’s Laxatives (over the counter)

Milk of Magnesia

Citrate of Magnesium Oral Solution


-Gauze of various sizes

-Tape for gauze dressings


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