Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming up for air!

Driving through New York and Mass. The scenery was gorgeous.

Yes, we are still alive! Barely. It's been a trying few days, but the fog is starting to lift. The girls and I have been emotional and sad, while the little kids pretty much lost their minds. That in turn caused the rest of us to lose ours. They have been SO naughty! ugh. They had nothing to do--toys were on the truck, and they were bored with the few that we had been able to fit into the car. You really don't want to let three, three-year-olds get bored. Kate has also decided she is no longer potty-trained, which has been quite bothersome.

The truck arrived with our stuff yesterday (Mon.). Well, actually, only part of our stuff. The moving company didn't have the size truck trailer that they needed, so they told us up front that they wouldn't be able to take everything in one load. They assured us that they would prioritize to make sure we wouldn't have to do without the things we really needed. Yeah. Right.

We currently are missing two beds, half of the swingset (why would they pack HALF?!), half of the kids outdoor playhouse (Half??), and parts of lamps, bookshelves, the vacuum, etc. We do however, have lots of things we don't need, like a workbench for the garage, our riding lawn mower and all of our Christmas decorations.

The guys who unloaded the truck yesterday were shaking their heads and saying they couldn't understand why the beds weren't at least on the truck, and why the guys in MI left part of the truck empty. Hmmmmm.... Could it be that at 5:30PM, they decided that nothing else would fit?

Well, anyway....we will live without our additional things for the next few weeks.

Saturday, we took the kids to the beach. We had visions of playing in the sand all day but when we got there, it was high tide and there was not a grain of sand in sight! We stayed and played on the rocks, which was still fun.

Big brother checks out the turf

Waiting for a wave

Shrieks of delight!

A serious lack of sand

Crab that washed up on shore. (This is what I looked like on Saturday)

It is so pretty here. New England definitely has it's own personality.

We went to church on Sunday. It is probably not one we will attend again, but it was good to start the week in worship, surrounded by friendly people. Everyone we have met has been very nice--and our neighbors across the street came over with a housewarming gift.

I do have internet access now, but the wireless isn't working, so my computer is propped up on a box. Speaking of boxes, I have a ton to unpack, so I better get back to them.


Lori said...

Oh sweet friend! I'm so sorry things aren't very going smoothly! But I'm so glad that your sense of humor is still in tact...at least long enough to write a funny blog post!

Love the pics! The crab/you look fantastic!

Oh and Lucy must have gotten a text from your kids about the naughty theme...she's been quite the pistol the last couple of days.

I hope today goes much better for you!!

Holly said...

Welcome to your new home.
You're making lemonade with the lemons you've got!
Half a swingset? What's up with that? Sadly I don't think that packers are required to have common sense, so you get what you get sometimes.
I can honestly say that I admire your Mama skills immensely. I can't imagine being in your shoes...well mostly since you can't ever seem to find two that match that would drive me bonkers. ha ha ha.
I know that God is the lifter of your head and He is also the one who supplies your needs.
The next few weeks will be an extended adventure.
It will be over before you know it and you will one day look back and laugh!
Have fun with your treasures from afar!
#1 on the list of things to do- make friends who LOVE children so you can have a date night ;)

Lynsay said...

I kind of just want to post this comment and say "UGH!"

I mean truly.

And I think you look better than expected based on that picture!!

Love you. Will keep praying for you, and for the other half of everything you are missing (that is just ridiculous!)

Hugs from the other ocean!

Kim K. said...

I've been thinking about you constantly and wondering how settled you were feeling. I don't envy all your unpacking. Your sense of humor is probably being put to the test right now. Lots of HUGS from Michigan!!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

You sound as if you are far more patient than I would be in that same situation. The movers decided they didn't want to move anymore and left the truck partially empty? This is a teachable moment. If I ever find myself in that situation I will have a friend or relative at my old house supervising the movers to make sure they don't leave anything empty. However, considering that was not possible in your case, if I were you, I would place a phone call to that moving company's corporate office and rip its manager a new butt. That is wholly unsatisfactory. And please let us know which moving company it was - after all of your personal items have made it to your new home safe and sound first, of course.

mom2-4boys said...

Yes I am in Massachusetts. I am not sure how far you are from us. I could mapquest it and see.

I am very sorry to hear you did not receive all of your beds. That is a real bummer.


mom2-4boys said...

Hi Karin,

I just checked mapquest and your town is not far from where my cousin lives about an hour and 15 minutes from where I live. I am on the NH border. I have to tell you that you live very close to an outlet mall that is awesome!!!

I hope all your things arrive soon.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or if you want to get together.