Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All About Jake

Little man, Jake, is three! We took him for a birthday lunch and then to the hardware store where he picked out a bike. He was so excited and rode it around the store. I let him skip his nap to ride it in the driveway--which ticked Zoey and Kate off a bit.

Later, we had birthday pie instead of cake...since we still have cake left over from Ryan's party. With three birthdays in one week, we get kind of birthday cake-d out.

We cannot imagine our lives without this special little guy--our only child from Guatemala. God led us to him in such an unusual way, and we are so glad we have this little blessing in our lives. He is constant entertainment. In honor of Jake's life...some pictures of him from this past week.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday little man!

Cindy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Jake!
Have fun with your new big boy bike!

Kimberlie said...

Happy Birthday Jake! You and Meili share the same birthday except she's one year older. Hope you had fun celebrating with your family!!!