Friday, April 01, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Today we woke up to snow on the ground. Blech.
(But it's my mother-in-law's birthday and it's the kind of snow she likes...only on the grass but not on the pavement!)

A few days ago, it was around 50 degrees and the kids wanted to go for a walk. Since the neighbor behind us was burning leaves and making us choke and gasp in our own home, we decided to drive over to the pond near our old house.

The swans must be nesting because there was only one who came for bread. The kids had lots of fun feeding him.

Then they had to swing on the old rusty gate just like old times.

Afterwards, they ran down the old familiar trail.

We found some budding plants--a sure sign that spring is coming.

Kate posed at my favorite photo op old abandoned factory.

Then it was back to the trail... Jake wouldn't be chasing his sister with a stick, would he?

Or about to hit her with it? Surely not.
{He didn't. Apparently he does listen to his mother now and then.}

They threw some sticks into the water.

And collected acorns--which were plentiful.

Then it was time to head for the school to pick up the big kids. I have photographed this part of the trail many times and I never get tired of looking it. So beautiful.

On the way to school, there are several church steeples like this. They are so beautiful (even with obnoxious power lines in the way).
I'm off later today to Ohio to attend Dani's first bridal shower! So excited! As an added bonus, two of my dearest friends are driving over from IL and IN to spend the day with me on Saturday! Woot, woot! And on Sunday some more dear friends are coming from where we used to live in MI, to spend some time in the afternoon. So it's definitely going to be a FUN, FRIEND, weekend! {But I will miss my family--and so thankful that my sweet hubby is letting me go!}

I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Shower for Dani and friends to visit, have a lovely weekend! Your husband is definitely a sweetheart!

Shonni said...

As always the pictures are so adorable.
Your weekend Does sound like it is going to be fun!!!

Sharon said...

Looks like a relaxing time. I love to seeing pictures of Zoey getting around like her brother and sister! We're looking forward to Spring here too!!!

Kim K. said...

Have a splendid weekend. I'm so glad you were able to sneak in a blog update with lots of great pictures before all the weekend adventures begin. Be sure to take lots of pictures this weekend.

Hope for Elisyn said...

Such beautiful photos!! So love seeing signs of spring!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, you are going to have SUCH a fun weekend!!

And your pictures are just darling, as usual!!

sara said...

I wish I was going to get to see you!!!

That last picture of the trail is beauitful!!!

trustandobey said...

Have fun! Sounds like exactly what the Dr. ordered:)

Cari said...

We do need our grown up time with friends, don't we?! Have fun this weekend!!

Adeye said...

Have the BEST time with your friends this weekend....what a special treat. So happy for you. Wow, the wedding is soon, huh???? Time is flying.

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