Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bug is Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Sorry to go silent yesterday. I was called back to see Kate around 3PM and went into the 'cone of silence' otherwise known as the cardiac unit where no cell phones and computers are allowed. We were actually in the area where they do the day-surgeries so we didn't have a regular room. The nice thing is that we didn't have to share the room. The not-so-nice thing is that we didn't have a bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with the unit was not so bad at night when most patients had gone home, but this morning, it was rather comical trying to get in there once patients started to arrive for their out-patient services. There was no shower. Let's just say, I look like crap.
{Am I allowed to say 'crap?'}

Enough about the bathroom facilities.

Kate came through everything well but the poor little tyke was very sick from the anesthesia, despite the anti-nausea meds. She had to lie flat for 6 hours and it's a bit difficult to throw up when you can't sit up. Poor baby... I held her head to the side and stuck the barf thingy under her and she did the best she could. They tried giving her IV fluids but that didn't stop the nausea, so after an hour or so, they tried a steroid. Thankfully, it worked after another 30 minutes of heaving. She perked up once the meds worked and then started to eat.
And eat.
And eat.
I have never seen her eat so much. The poor kid was starving!
We had an uneventful night with not enough sleep on our rubber pillows and mattresses, and now we are home.
Our room and beds. Don't be jealous.

The doctor came and talked to me after the cath and said that her fontan is working perfectly--which was good news. He has no recommendations about a full repair surgery yet. He will have to confer with the surgeon and do a lot of measurements and calculations to decide if Kate will be a candidate. If not, we will get a phone call. If so, they will call us in for a consultation. We won't hear anything from them for a few weeks.
{Oh...and I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I gave the incorrect time regarding her recovery. It's not 3-5 months, it's 2-3 months in hospital.}

I always come away from these cardiac tests and surgeries with such profound gratefulness for the staff. They are so kind to so hard...and I am so thankful that God makes surgeon's and doctors with such brilliant minds. I was telling Jeff on the way home that it cracks me up how fast Zoey and Kate become little diva's at the hospital. They kind of like going--except for the needles. Hmmm...they get to lie in bed and watch tv all day, eat in bed, eat whatever/whenver they want, have people telling them 4000 times a day that they are soooo cute, etc. What's not to love about that?!

Despite getting all that special treatment, Kate was happy to get home. The kids were waiting at the back door, jumping and waving. When Kate saw them she said, "I missed everybody." Later she went up to Zoey and said, 'I missed you, Zoey," and gave her a hug. Zoey said she missed Kate, too. So precious.

Thank you for praying! I will keep you posted.


trustandobey said...

So glad to hear that all went well and that Katie was obviously in great hands with her first surgery. Praying for wisdom for all involved!
ps-What's not to envy about a bed that you fall out of if you dare to move an inch to the right or left in the night???

Kim K. said...

Thank you for the update. I've been on pins and needles waiting to hear how the procedure went and how Kate felt afterwards. Enjoy a nice hot shower and your own bed tonight.


Hope for Elisyn said...

So thankful to hear that everything went smoothly!!! And yes I think you can say that word, it is your blog. ;-)

Praying for her continued recovery, her precious heart and for direction in the future!!

Shonni said...

I’m glad that ya’ll are home and pray that ya’ll get some rest in the next few days.

Lori said...

Yes, you can say crap. Especially after sleeping on rubber sheets. Good heavens.

Sweet little Katie-bug! I'm so glad they doted over her. She deserves every single bit of it!

So glad she got through it all like a champ.

OH and I love how sweet your other kiddos were when she arrived home. PRECIOUS!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad this part is behind you and glad to hear Katie's first surgery was a success and everything is working as it should.

I missed your last post about Zoey's birthday until now. So glad she had a good day and how amazing that she can wear flip flops!

Kimberlie said...

Saying "crap" is OK all things considered. ;)

Getting to the point though, I am glad that everything went as well as could be expected except for the barfing and that the fontan is working well! We'll keep praying for the surgeons and for you and Jeff as the decision looms.


Holly said...

Dear Karin,
No, you are NOT allowed to say crap. But you went and did it anyway. Now what?!!?
:) :) :)
Hospital stays are a trip with the constant beeping noises, trips in to check vitals and the oh so comfy squeaky rubber beds.
But I'm with you, so grateful for the giftings that God has given to these surgeons who literally save lives.
Welcome home!


Jo's Corner said...

Happy to hear that Kate is home and doing well! I'm wondering if the steroids they gave her for the nausea, made her eat and eat and eat?! Sleep well in your own cozy beds tonight! Hugs ~ Jo

Theanne and Baron said...

So happy Katie and you are home! And so happy things went well at the hospital...there are many very intelligent, caring people who work in hospitals!

I believe "crap" will OK with the blog police!

Your kids are so sweet to each other!

Chris said...

Well, Net Nanny didn't flag "crap" so it must be OK...Glad to hear that her heart is doing what it is supposed to for now...but waiting on Dr to call is not fun.

Shelly said...

Your kiddos are so precious! Praising God that you are now home. Will continue in prayer for the Lord to grant His wisdom to you all and the doctors in the weeks to come.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the update, Karin! Gracie really loves the hospital too, with the exception of "pokes". What a blessing for our girls! I'm so glad her fontan is working beautifully for her--praying the next steps are crystal clear!!


Ruby Mae said...

Your treasurers are so blessed to have you and Jeff to stand by them....or be there beside them in a rubber bed with a rubber pillow and all that goes with it. Good to hear things went well except for the barfing....makes me cringe just to think of what that was like for that precious little gal.

Gretchen said...

So glad Katie Bug is home. Hoping you are all getting some much needed sleep.

Jean said...

Yep crap is okay! BUT I bet you looked better than ya think! Crap is the way I felt when we got home from China

So thankful Katie is doing well and HOME!! God bless your sweet girl!! Love how she was greated by the other kiddos!! Too cute!!