Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just when we thought...

....we wouldn't be seeing Boston again for awhile...

The neurologist that SaraGrace needed to see had an opening today. I found out about it yesterday, a few hours after we got home with Katie. I asked how long we would have to wait to see the doctor if we turned down today's appointment.


Alrighty then.

We went.

Thankfully, a good night's sleep had improved my fogged out brain and the trip was uneventful. SaraGrace has developed some tics that are bugging her enough that she asked me to make them go away. Poor kid. Our family doctor always makes us see a specialist for



Poor little Katie is still a bit peaked today. She is running a fever from the surgery and just isn't feeling herself. Her leg is hurting quite a bit and she is needing t*lenol for that. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.

I didn't take my camera so I used my phone for a couple pics.
Top floor of the parking garage had a panda mural that SaraGrace swooned over. The girls made me walk up 6 flights of stairs on the way back because they wanted the exercise. {huff...puff...}

Pretty azaleas in front of the hospital and even prettier little girls

Cool looking sky on the way home


Anonymous said...

Hope SaraGrace is OK, prayers for her and Katie! Love the pictures of the girls and the tree with clouds! Wishing you another night of rest!

Angie said...

Good for you for doing the 6 flights. I think I would have opted to meet them at the top...and take the elevator! Hope SG is doing well, and Katie is feeling better, too.

Kim K. said...

Prayers for all your little sweeties. Beautiful pics. Have a blessed weekend ahead!

trustandobey said...

Well, if it isn't one's 2!!! Hope Sara Grace is ok and that this is just a passing phase. Kudos to you for making it up all those flights!

Lori said...

Wow, your stamina for all these medical appointments/procedures/surgeries/ quite impressive. I freak out and call my RN friend in a panic when someone has a fever around here!!

These kids better have one mega Mother's Day present for you, is all I can say.

Sean and Lisa said...

Just catching up and so glad Katie-bug is home and praying for her to feel 100% healthy today!!
Prayers for SaraGrace too.
So thankful for superb hospital care for your kiddos and for God bringing them to you. He knew you would have the amazing strength needed to walk with them thru the medical things and to love them so well.
Much love!

Jean said...

ha- yes we have been in the "alrighty then" situations too! Love how you put it- perfect description!

You are inspirational! You just keep doing it all- you motivate me!!

You are the best!! God Bless YOu!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Just catching up on your sweet family! You've been quite busy lately haven't you? Are you sure you're not having a fling with one of the doctors in Boston???? Do I need to alert Jeff? Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Oh yes, and please tell Taylor that it's soon time for another park meeting don't ya think???