Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Sparrow Needs a Family

Bill and Corrie...

As I was getting ready to type this post, I thought of naming it "A Little Sparrow Needs a Family," and I went to retrieve her photo from her "mama's" blog and guess what song was playing on that blog? "His Eye is on the Sparrow."

I love when God does stuff like that.

When we went to China in Jan. '09 to adopt Zoey and Kate, we spent a day with my precious friends, Bill and Lynsay, who had just started a home for orphans with special needs. They only had one baby then.

Her name is Corrie.

At a year old, she looked like a two month old. When I held her I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that she was a year old.

I watched Lynsay try to coax a few drops of milk into her. Some would seem like it was going down and then it would all come right back up. It was a miracle she had survived so long in an orphanage where caregivers probably didn't have time to sit with her and painstakingly feed her minuscule drops of milk. Lynsay shared with me that she feared Corrie would not make it.

Corrie has always been one of the family!

Oh my goodness...she is thriving now!

And she needs a family!!

God has written a miraculous story for her and now He needs a wonderful family to step forward and help her reach her next milestones. Please go to Lynsay's blog to read more.

The bottom line is that Corrie's orphanage has agreed to send Corrie's adoption paperwork to the Chinese officials despite everyone knowing that finding a family will not be easy. She needs a special family who sees her potential. She is an incredible little girl.

My parents recently visited Bill and Lynsay and spent a week there. My mom said that Corrie totally stole her heart. She is so sweet and loving. She loved playing with my mom's jewelry and touching my mom's face.

Please ask God if you might be that special family who has been chosen to receive the very special blessing of little Corrie.


Deb said...

I have sent a link about her to a local family a few times. i'm sending this one too. Maybe God will speak. :)

Cari said...

I'm thinking "Sparrow" would be a beautiful name for a daughter. What a wonderful reminder of how God is always looking out for us.

Jean said...

What a precious girl she is and so loved!

Her family is out there- praying that they find her soon!! How blessed they will be!!