Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little "Helpers"

I looked up today to see that the little kids had taken it upon themselves to unload the dishwasher as a kindness to Mommy.

Zoey had a fistful of silverware and was touching each. fork. prong. I asked the kids if any of them had washed their hands.

{Insert low 'dun, dun, dun' music... }

Jeff cannot stand it when I let the kids help with any clean dishes that he will have to use. I normally make them wash their hands first, but I think Jeff is of the opinion that no amount of hand washing could make their hands clean enough to handle his silverware.

Who could blame him?

In order to diffuse the situation with humor, I went to get my camera.
Jake had pushed a stool up to the counter so that he could put dishes away.

Should I have been taking pictures or ordering him to get down?

OK--this is making me nervous.

Done! "We did dat for you, Mama."

I love them. They are so sweet. Most of the time.
Tonight before bed, Jake came to show me his latest trick.

No one shot these at him. He just decided to suction them to his face.

"Its my new twick. Don't be jealous."

Side shot for your viewing pleasure.


Kim K. said...

I'm loving your kitchen helpers and Jake's new trick. This post totally made my night.

Chris said...

I have an eldest son that interrogates the kids..."did you wash your hands?" Such a fuss over a bit of germs...

I do hope you have plastic dishes though if you have Jake helping...though he didn't fall did he?

sara said...

Your kids are so sweet!!!

And I think any one who is a germaphobe should have to empty the dishwasher themselves!!! :)

having the kids help with chores = priceless!!! ha!

Lori said...

I'm SO with Jeff on the hand washing thing before touching the silverware. And sweet little Lucy just doesn't seem to understand that it's not necessary to touch the prongs when putting them away.

But seriously, it's so very sweet that your kiddos were so "helpful".

And ummm, that last pic of Jake is somewhere between hilarious and creepy. Hopefully it's not a sign of future piercings. Gasp.

Trustandobey said...

Looks AND talent!!! Jake is the whole package!!!
Kate is so lucky;)

Cari said...

OMW, Karin! That last picture is just hilarious! Boys have quite an imagination don't they?!

Sharon said...

So darn cute!!!

Angie said...

I start to get shakey when my little ones approach the dishwasher to "help" me. No! Not the knives...or my about the plastic stuff, huh??

Kristin Ferguson said...

So now I know where the germ-a-phobia originated! Tell Jeff that if he ingests enough germs he'll be resistant to anything and everything that comes down the Prunty Pike!!!

Oh and Jake??? I think Kate has her work cut out for her! hahahaha

David and Janet Hurley said...

We've been trying to get a chore chart going. I'm with Jeff about the silverware, so I only put dishwasher duty down for 1, more responsable child. Unfortunately, I found her teaching a boy how to do the job also, and of course he didn't wash his hands. I can't stand to even let him set the table.
Trying to be apreciative of willing helpers can sometimes be hard (and gross).

Anonymous said...

My girls went to work with dad the other day ( hospital ) they got some lessons on hand washing .. they are pretty good about it but now they are crazy nuts about washing hands .. after they washed their hands they had to put them under a light and they could still see germs near and around their nails , they were so grossed out , they now was constantly .. I knew it was good for them to go to work with dad ! Judy

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I'm in love with Jake.

I got two, almost three cute single daughters...we should talk. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jake is a cutie isn't he? So kind of the kids to help out their Mom! Please ask Jeff nicely if he'll put the silverware away from now on!

Wife of the Pres. said...


What would we do without boys to keep us laughing?!

As for the dish unloading, I can see Jeff's point, but I'm more of the persuasion that if it gets unloaded … I don't really care!

I probably doesn't hurt that I think my beloved 12YO dishwasher is not working exactly right, so I'm not sure how *clean* the dishes actually are.

And yeah, the stool. Not the best idea. ;) However, I admit to using a barstool for a step stool once myself. After a near crash, I vowed never again. And the crash was not a plate, but ME!

Shonni said... cute and your little funny!