Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Girl

I'm sitting in the waiting room while Kate has her MRI and then later she will go to the Cath lab for her heart cath. It was Zoey's birthday yesterday, so I wanted to post the photos from her celebration.

She was so matter-of-fact about it all. She has been asking daily for weeks when it would be her birthday, but when the big day came, she seemed very non-plussed by it. Whenever one of the kids would say, "It's your birthday today, Zoey!" she would get annoyed and say, "I know." I guess she just doesn't like people stating the obvious.

She chose spaghetti and meatballs for her birthday dinner, which was met with groans by several of the other kids who were hoping for a different choice.

{I think I've somewhat burned them out on spaghetti with my stellar cooking skills.}

Cooking is not my thing. I don't like it...never will...and it's God sense of humor for giving a cooking-hater a huge family to cook for. I get the job done but lets just say, I won't be winning any awards.
"Oh yeah....that's what I'm talkin' about. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate."

She blew the candles out so fast I missed it.

Very proud of getting them out all in one pouf.

The coveted Zou Zou pet.
I so don't get the appeal of these {dumb} toys.

That's right.

Zoey has been wanting to wear flip flops forever. Last year, she tried to make them work but it's pretty hard to walk in them when your foot is totally sideways. She got these flip flops for her birthday and quickly put them on. I wasn't sure they would stay on since she can't curl her toes. But of course, Zoey being Zoey, she kept them on and was soon running around the house in them.

Speaking of shoes, now that the weather is nicer, we need to get her some shoes that go with dresses. She did try to wear a dress a few weeks ago, but her prosthesis shredded her tights within hours. ugh.

Anyhoo...the three youngest girls decided to wear their Chinese silk dresses to church last Sunday. We had no fancy shoes for Zoey but she REALLY wanted to wear that dress. I couldn't deny her just because she had no dress shoes.

{Clothing police please hide your eyes. It's really that bad.}

I'm pretty sure that no one in China would wear a silk dress with sneakers but oh well... That's the fun of being a kid, right?


Kim K. said...

Such beautiful birthday pictures of Zoey. I think Josie would totally approve of sneakers with Zoey's special dress. She might want to do the same thing on Easter. I'll be anxious to hear the test results for Kate today. Praying and thinking of you both.

PS. We're celebrating Josie's heart surgery anniversary Friday.

Angie said...

I think the shoes are perfect with the dress! Happy birthday, Zoey, and that t-shirt...very appropriate for such a fast, sporty girl!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like a great birthday!
Praying for today!
I love the tennis shoes and dress, I have one that has dress shoes and every time she puts on a dress, she still chooses tennis shoes with them. I give up:)

Cindy said...

Love Zoey's spirit!
Birthday blessings to her! Is she five? Our Chloe just turned 5 this weekend too!

Prays and HUGS for Kate (Mama also!)

sara said...

Happy Birthday Zoey!!! what great pictures!!

and seeing as I am the flip flop queen (love them), I was so happy to see that she could wear them!!!

praying for you today!

Cari said...

Hi Karin! My thoughts and prayers for little Katie right now. How strange that we can actually look forward to hospital visits for some one-on-one time with our kids, huh?! :) Or even alone time for ourselves...hehe.

Happy Birthday to Zoey! I love her flip flops. I would have never thought she'd be able to wear them...so cool! What about the footless tights for her. I'm assuming that the prosthetic was tearing them up around the foot area? Just a thought.

Have a great day! Prayers & Hugs!!

Lori said...

DARLING outfit...I like a girl who isn't afraid to start a new trend.

Ok so...what does a gal who hates to cook, cook? Seriously, you must have some super easy and fast dinners in your holster if you dread it so much. Do share!

Adeye said...

So so pretty.....happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Praying for you today!

Shonni said...

Yes, that’s the freedom of being a child!! Rock those shoes girl friend! You’re still adorable!!!

Kimberlie said...

Happy Birthday Zoey! Such a beautiful girl!!! And as far as sneaks with her Chinese silk, she was workin' it nicely. ;)

Prayed for you all throughout the day today!!

Tesseraemum said...

Happy Birthday Zoey!!

The shoes looked great!! Its a fashion statement!! Chucks go with anything! Ask my 11 yr old. btw.. she turned 11 on the 16th!!! Fun!!Last year my mom bought Liv 10 pairs fo flip flops for her birthday. Not kidding. I wouldn't recommend it... They turn up in the most undesirable places!!
Its warming up no need for tights with cute sundresses and flip flops !! No worries!!

Holly said...

It is totally adorable! Love it! don't you know those kind of sneakers go with EVERYTHING. Even wedding dresses. Hey, I've seen it for real!
Happy birthday sweet girl! (a little late)

trustandobey said...

So glad Zoey had her day in the sun!
Praying for your wisdom and discernment concerning Katie's future heart treatment.

Chris said...

I wear sneakers w/ dresses all the time (although I'm not very fashionable)
Glad to hear other mom's have trouble thinking of great dishes to feed their family...spaghetti hits our table pretty often.
Waiting to hear Katies results

Jo's Corner said...

I've been thinking about Katie all day and stopped to Pray a few times. How is she? Do they keep her overnite for the heart cath? I hope she is resting comfortably tonight.

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Zoey! I LOVE the Pink Converse with her dress! And, the flip flops, too! They stay on pretty well...even I used to wear them with my prosthesis. Now you should polish her toenails! It's safe for the material. I asked, 'cuz a girls gotta have pretty toenails with her flip flops! One other thought...you could cut the tight leg off and just wear the tights on the one leg, but leave her "pretty" leg exposed!

Blessings to Katie tonight! Hugs ~ Jo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Zoey birthday pictures! Love her flip-flops and her Chinese Silk Dress...I had one that DH brought me from Singapore. I managed to get into ONCE! She looks so happy in hers, sneakers and all!

Continuing prayers for Katie!

Ruby Mae said...

If the weather is warm enough the next time the silk dresses come out, I think that precious little gal should wear her new flip flots with it! As for tights.....forget it......she needs to show off that beautiful leg and her spunk that certainly encourages many others.

Cindi Campbell said...

Hi Zoey,
I love your leggy. I have one too. I tried to show you my leggy but mom says you can see it on our blog at wwww.bringinghomenaomi.blogspot.com You can scroll down a few pages to see mine.

Mandy said...

My girls had just asked me if we could do this for our Lily! They really wanted her to be able to wear flip flops this summer!

So I emailed this picture to our prosthetist who we will see today. We'll see if they can do this for Lily!