Sunday, April 10, 2011

His Eye is on the Sparrow

My dad told me the most amazing story yesterday and I just have to share it with you.

Unemployment has been a problem at my parents' church for the past few years. One particular family has adopted seven children and the father lost his job two months ago. (I'll call them the J family.) My dad decided to pray boldly on their behalf, reminding the Lord that He promises to be a Father to the fatherless. He reminded God that His honor was at stake due to that promise and that He needed to provide for this family who had taken in seven orphaned children.

And God kept that promise.

In spite of a tough economy, the father of the J family found a job and started last week!

Last Friday, my parents went to the mall where they go to walk in bad weather. In front of one particular store, my dad noticed a $20 bill lying on the ground. No one else seemed to see it. He leaned down and picked it up, looking around to see if anyone had lost it.

No one seemed to have any idea it was even there. It was as if the money was only visible to my dad.

He and my mom continued to walk the mall and my dad began to feel very bad about the $20, thinking that, 'Maybe some poor kid had dropped it and would be so upset when he/she realized it was gone." About a half hour later, they were still walking when suddenly a young boy called out to them by name. My parents didn't recognize him but went over to talk to him. He said that he had been to their church in the past and was currently visiting the J family for the weekend.

Just then, three of the girls from the J family came walking out of a store nearby! They talked for a few moments and then my dad suddenly found himself saying,
"I know this is a strange question, but did any of you girls lose a twenty dollar bill?"

The girls told him that their dad had given them each twenty dollars in celebration of his new job and they had come to the mall to spend it. Each girl looked through her purse and one suddenly said,
"My money is gone!"

Instantly, my dad knew why he had found the $20. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the money, handed it to the young girl and said, "Here is your $20!"

Only God.

What are the statistical odds that my parents would be at the mall at the same time as the J kids, that he would be the only one to see the money lying on the ground in a busy mall, that the young boy would recognize them and call them over to talk so that they would eventually see the J girls? And what would make my dad even connect the two incidents in his mind?

Only God.

As my parents walked away, my dad said to my mom, "His eye is on the sparrow."

Because you know what?
Jesus said,
"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29-31

There was a song written based on these verses called, "His Eye is on the Sparrow."
"Why do I feel discouraged?
Why do the shadows come?
Why should my heart feel lonely
And long for heaven and home?
When Jesus is my portion
My constant Friend is he
His eye is on the the sparrow
and I know He watches me

His eye is on the sparrow
and I know He watches me.

How comforting to know that He knows every detail of our lives and He is watching over us. No detail goes unnoticed, no stressful circumstance unattended. We have nothing to fear because He is always ahead of every situation and taking care of us. He only asks us to trust Him--even when things don't make sense--just to trust that He has a plan unfolding.


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful story. What a lovely way to start my morning. Thank you for sharing, Karin.

Tesseraemum said...

Beautiful! I soooo needed to hear this! And I know someone else who does too. I am sending her right over. Thank you!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Yippee! I'll be humming that wonderful old hymn the rest of the day! Thank you for this story to ponder and praise God about! Your parents sound like a real blessing to have in your lives.

Sharon said...

Amazing story!!! I love hearing stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, friend. I cannot even tell you how much I NEEDED to hear that this mornning. How passionately He cares for His beloved children.

What a beautiful testimony to His faithfulness. Amazing.

lovetourant said...

What a beautiful story.

Sean and Lisa said...

I needed to be reminded of this truth again today! As my hubby has been out of work for over a month and we are desperately praying for God's hand to move on our behalf, I take comfort that God has not forgotten or ignored our need. He is right here and He always provides!
Thank you for sharing this!
Much love!

Ruby Mae said...

Thanks for's so encouraging to hear stories of how God is working! There are a couple of good ones we have about things that God did for us when we were going through the court trial regarding Caleb's adoption. By the way...........the adoption agency submitted the papers to the court last week and so we and the Lillys are eagerly awaiting notification of a court date. We've been told it could be yet this month. He'll be 10 on the 25th. Wouldn't that be a neat birthday gift????? He's been staying with them 99% of the time for the last 3 months and is happy!

Anonymous said...

Needed to be reminded of "
His Eye " tonight. Just left the hospital visiting our Pastor's daughter (21) . She has a large mass on her pancreas and is right now heading into Manhatten for a biopsy tomorrow . Scary , but we know "His Eye " is on her . He is on the throne and nothing is a surprise to Him . Wow , what an awesome God we have ! !

trustandobey said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Karin.
Six Sparrows in NC

trina said...

Your words were meant for me today. :) I'm trusting Him.

My great aunt used to sing that song in church. Bless her heart. She couldn't sing well. The song has always been special to me.

Cari said...

what a beautiful, encouraging story. thanks for sharing that Karin. Sometimes I feel like God must get so tired of hearing poor old me praying and calling out to Him about the same old thing again, but that's just the way I think and I know that God isn't like that. God is loving, merciful, gracious and full of compassion.

Waitingfaithfully said...

I love this story and I love that it is getting shared! Thank you Karin (and thank you to your dad, too)! This reminds me of a blog post I did way back when that also included the lyrics of this old hymn--and a picture of a sweet little sparrow that I took in China . . . I guess that would make it a Chinese sparrow! His eye is on every single one of them, isn't it? And on every single one of us. Thank you Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this uplifting story! Blessings to your Dad!

Holly said...

Oh, I love that post. Soooo good. Thank you!

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

Amazing story!!!! brought tears to my eyes!!

Holly said...

That really blessed me today Karin. Brought me to tears. Thank you so much for sharing!