Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos from our Egg Hunt

As I already posted, Easter was very special yesterday because of Chloe's baptism. But I don't want to leave the other kids out, so here are some photos of the egg hunt. Thankfully, the weather was very warm and the rain held off until evening.

Obligatory group shot

And then a few pre-hunt shots for Mom

Could these two be any more precious?

Posing for you, Mom, but you might notice that my basket is empty.

Practicing for the big race...

OK, Everyone! Line up! Ready....Set...

{Oh...wait! Don't forget that everyone gets 18 eggs.
Big kids, leave some eggs for the little kids!}

OK. Ready....Set....


And they're off!

Counting the loot...

Make sure everyone has 18 eggs!

Love the wrinkled tights...

Brother/sister love.

Mom won't let us gorge ourselves on our candy. She's afraid we'll barf. So we decided to play with it.

Don't judge her.

She's had some bad experiences in the past with kids barfing after eating too much chocolate!

They grouped all of their candy by color and then made designs with it.

Jake was a bit clueless about making designs. Notice him checking out his sisters' creation for ideas. He did manage to group his candy by color, though.

After watching them handle it for an hour, I realized that there would be little need to warn them not to 'steal' candy from anyone else.

Um....sweaty little hands. Candy coating wearing thin, losing it's gloss and getting dull...


You get the picture.

Rather unappetizing to say the least.

But very pretty creations!

I heart them! God is good.


sara said...

love these!! I so miss egg hunts!!

so where was the teenager? I found this year that you are never too old for a basket of candy!!! ha!

Kim K. said...

Darling pictures. I was hoping that you'd have some new Jake updates...hee hee. Easter blessings!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Everyone looks so cute in their Easter dresses/clothes. I know it was a wonderful day starting out with Chloe's baptism (you only get one comment for 2 posts since you posted so quickly-sorry).

Tell Taylor I would have given him 20 eggs if he had just shown his handsome face in JUST ONE PICTURE!!!

Jo's Corner said...

They ALL looked so nice in their Easter Best! I love the photo of them standing in front of the fence..the Ready, Set, Go picture! What a Special bunch you've been Blessed with! Looks like your Easter was wonderful! Hugs from MN! ~ Jo

Anonymous said...

These photos are so heart warming! I looked really close at the group shot and discovered that Jake was having a prob with the bail on his bucket...dear Jake, he's such a sweetie. So nice to see Zoey running to find her 18 eggs! All are beautiful and handsome in their Easter attire...what a joyous Easter for you and your family!

Cari said...

awe...sweet pictures! Happy Easter to your family!

Adeye said...

Oh so VERY sweet. I love all the little dresses and fancy! How BLESSED you are, friend.

Holly said...

I love all the pictures, and especially the baptism pictures! Praise the Lord!! : )