Thursday, May 05, 2011

So good to get outside

I think that spring in New England has to be a little taste of heaven. It's incredibly beautiful. But sorry....I don't have any photos of it. My car windows are too dirty to take photos so I'll share some of the kids instead.

Don't hate.

It's the best I can do right now!

Lovin' some sun flare on Miss Molly

SaraGrace and her favorite colored 'flower'

Mischief and dirty bare feet all in one package

But lovable in spite of it all

Katie--snug as a bug

They both love the camera

"Here comes the smolder."
Jake's favorite line from the movie, 'Tangled' is when the prince tries to impress Rapunzel with his charming 'smolder' look. Jake thinks his version of it is quite fetching. NOT. Jillian was mad at him today about something and he tried to give her 'the smolder.' She wasn't impressed and he was seriously shocked. Ha.

Miss Katie's long eyelashes...{swoon}

Speaking of Kate, we have not gotten a decision from the doctors about possible surgery. We did get an email this week that they haven't been able to meet to discuss her case yet. Trusting God and knowing His timing is perfect.


Laine said...

It's been WAY TOO LONG since I've popped in...I just saw your post about kate's heart...I am praying praying praying...that the doctors will have HIS wisdom and that it will be very clear what her next step is to be!
You helped me so unselfishly before we adopted were even IN HOSPITAL with one of yours...sharing your heart with of your time to help my mama heart understand my son's little heart...
I will never forget that Karin. You are a precious woman.
I am always so blessed when I come visit your blog...your family makes me smile!
Heart hugs....
Laine Ferrill

Kim K. said...

I had been wondering the latest updates on Kate's heart. Please know that I've been thinking of you BOTH. Gorgeous pics of your kiddos.

Have a blessed Mother's day weekend, Karin!!

Trustandobey said...

I am gonna let my Kate experience the "smolder" and see how it moves her. I will let you know her thoughts:)
Ps-praying for your decisions concerning KAte.

sara said...

such GREAT pictures!!!

Love the swoon!!! ha!

Sharon said...

Beautiful Children!!! I love spring, but this year has been horrible! When you see the sun around here you better take advantage because it won't last long!

Cari said...

as usual your photos are beautiful! :)

wow...that smolder look is something else...hahaha

Lori said...

Oh the ladies are going to be pounding down the door before you know it, what with Jake and his new smolderly self.

Super great pics!

Your kiddos always make me smile!!

Jean said...

Lovin the pics of your cuties and Mr Mischievous! It was him that got us to bring home our own Mr Mischievous! AND now Lori is going to have one too! Oh my we really should all get together with kids!
(And then leave them there with the Dad's and go on a ladies weekend- Okay I'm sorry...)

We are lovin the nice weather, too!! Hurray!!

Jo's Corner said...

Beautiful photos! They are all so pretty. I'll continue to Pray for wisdom for Katie-Bugs heart! Give all those kiddos a Hug! ~ Jo

David and Janet Hurley said...

Molly looks so pretty and grown up in that picture!

Adeye said...

Such amazing pics, my friend. You capture your children so in the world do you even do that????? I need some lessons :)

Hope you have the best Mother's Day ever with your darling brood.

Kristin Ferguson said...

I too think that dandelions should be considered flowers. Who decided they were weeds? It's amazing how powerful words are in that we turn up our noses to something so simple and beautiful just because it's classified as week. Lots of analogies could be drawn here with children and the labels they get as well but I'm on vacation so that's all I've got. :)