Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Panda goes to Israel

OK school kids... I know we were supposed to take the newly voted on school mascot with us--a deer with some really big antlers--but I'm sorry to say that he missed his flight and a panda had to take his place. I hope you won't be too upset because this panda is a really nice one and he is hoping you will want to follow his adventures to Israel.

His first day of flying started out like this:


Then the trip got kind of yucky because panda missed the next flight which would have taken us to Israel. We had to stay overnight in the airport and sleep on some chairs.

"Here I am, all snuggled into my mylar blanket. They gave it to us to keep warm. It wasn't very snuggly at all!"

"This is the pillow and blanket they gave us to stay overnight in the airport. The blanket was folded up into that tiny ziploc bag. Crazy, huh?"

"These are some of my roommates for the night."

"We are leaving in a few hours for Israel. I will tell you all about it as I travel. "
Love, Panda


Angie said...

You are amazing! You have the crummiest night in history, and you still blog for the school kids! Enjoy first class, my friend...stretch out, enjoy some decent food, and sleep away!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Love the mylar blankets. Nothing but the best in the "City of Brotherly Love". Those of us who are from those parts affectionately call it "The City of Brotherly Shove!"

Kim K. said...

You TOTALLY made my night with this post. I can't wait to see Panda's next set of adventures. Get some much needed sleep. HUGS!!

Sharon said...

Praying for an uneventful flight.:) I will never look at airports the same way again! Yup, road trips are sounding real good right about now! Have fun as you finally get started on your trip!!!