Saturday, May 14, 2011


About a year ago, my parents went with a tour group to Israel. They loved it so much that they came home and offered to send all of their adult children and spouses on the same trip.


A trip.

To Israel.

For free.

With no children.


{Truth be told, my parents would probably rather take said children, but I was elated not to be taking mine. For some odd reason, my parents seem fascinated with the little people called, "grand" children. I still remember the slight shock I felt after driving eight hours to see my parents, walking in the front door, and having them walk right past me with arms out to Ryan. They were squealing his name and acting as if the queen of England had arrived. It was as if I had become invisible. hahahahaha I'm not bitter. I figure I'll do the same to my offspring some day.}

Well, anyway....

Needless to say, I have been slightly excited as the trip date has drawn closer. And that date is in a few days.

Did I trip...Jeff and I all alone for 10 kids?

Oh yeah. I guess I did mention that.

Now insert some scary, depressing kind of music....

Last week, Jeff had to fly to Italy. He came home Thursday with a severe pain in his leg. I immediately suspected a blood clot. He went to ER yesterday in some lame hospital near his office where the doctor couldn't make a definitive diagnosis. Jeff was sent home to 'watch' it. They gave him no meds. Zip...nada...nothin. The doctor's only parting advice was not to fly for at least 5-7 days.


{I ask you....if there is nothing in his leg that warrants any blood thinners, WHY the advice not to fly? Hmmmm? Who was this doctor, anyway?}

Jeff is still in considerable pain. Dr. Karin still thinks he has a blood clot, prescribed aspirin and sneaked him some of Katie's coumadin (blood thinner).

Don't call the police.
I know it's a federal offense or something to share prescription medicine.
Don't worry...Kate has an unlimited supply.'s becoming obvious that Jeff is going to be in no shape to fly on Monday.

I'm totally bummed.

But I know that God has a plan...and He knows and sees things that I do not. I can freak out or I can accept His plan.

I'm disappointed.
Deeply so.
But since I don't have a lot of energy to waste freaking out, I am going to accept His plan.

In my devotional yesterday, God spoke so clearly. I love it when He does that!! He said, "Are you still trying to make things go according to your will? If you keep trying to carry out your intentions while I am leading you in another direction, you deify your desires."
Alrightly then! Going with acceptance to the new plan...

God has proven Himself trustworthy soooo many times in my life. I know I can trust Him for this latest re-direction, disappointed as I may be.

I will be blogging from Israel and trying to make it educational for my kids' school. They are sending a mascot along to have adventures on the trip and to hopefully learn something without realizing it. ha.


sara said...

oh Karin, I am so sorry. So this means Jeff can't go on the trip? Can he meet up with you later? Praying for a full and complete healing by Sunday!!!!!

Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry and I hope this means that Jeff can join you later on your precious trip. Thinking of you, Karin.

Lori said...

Oh, MAN!! That's awful. But it sure is better than taking a chance and having something horrific happen w/ Jeff's leg overseas. Sigh. I think you are going to have a great time anyway. And you'll take gobs and gobs of wonderful photos, I just know it!! I can't wait!!

Praying for Jeff!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Oh man! It's not easy to always do the right thing, is it? But, that devotional said it all. HE DOES know every single moment of our lives and it seems as if he is saying, "Stay Home Jeff". I know it's tough, but He is Good and rewards our obedience. I hope you have a wonderful trip, Karin and know that I'll be Praying for you and for your family at home.
Oh, and I will respond to your email! It made me smile and gave me lots to think about!
Hugs ~ Jo

Shonni said...

I am so sorry! I pray that your trip is a great one and that Jeff feels better soon.

Suzette said...

So sorry for his pain and uncertain diagnosis. Praying God gives you peace as you make this amazing journey. Can't wait to see pictures!

Jean said...

That is such a bummer- I am so sorry...

I am sure you will have a good time and I will be praying for your hubby- maybe you should take him to another DR and get a second opinion??

James, Dawn and Family said...

GRRRR....but enjoy yourself. GOD must have something INCREDIBLE for you!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I say dope him up and take him along anyway. :) Besides, I have it on good authority (I sat next to a pilot on the way to Arizona last week) that NO ONE dies on airplanes. Of course I challenged his statement and he said it takes a doctor to pronounce someone dead so unless there is one on the airplane then NO ONE dies on airplanes! So there you have it!

Hope you have fun anyway. :(

Meredith said...

We're still praying for Jeff to be well enough to go with you! I'm happy that you can still go! See you on Monday!!!!!

Adeye said...

Noooooo.....oh friend I am so sorry. That is SUCH a bummer! This is one of those times when life just makes no sense, huh? is there any way that he could meet up with you later?

Yuck. I feel so bad for you.

trustandobey said...

OK ....I think this is all because you refused to take the advice of a good friend and TAKE A HAT!!! No, not really. I do feel your disappointment keenly, Karin! Our vacation plans were changed as well and my disappointment is still palpable as I try to adjust to God's perfect plan for our summer. Praying for you and Jeff over the course of the next 10 days for peace , safety and healing.

Sharon said...

What an amazing trip, but SO sorry Jeff's condition will keep him from going!!! We are praying for a safe and fun trip for you and for quick healing for Jeff. Can't wait to follow along!

Gretchen said...

Praying you have fun and a safe trip. Prayin hubby feels better soon too.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip Karin...I'll be praying for Jeff, you and family!