Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jigitty Jig

I'm home...recovering from jet lag and catching up with my family. The kids did really well and Jeff seems no worse for wear.

Speaking of Jeff, his leg pain is gone. The second doctor discovered a cyst on the back of his knee and it possible that is what caused the pain. Maybe we will never know.

We wanted to take Jeff's niece and nephew down to the ocean last night before we put them on a plane back home today. We also wanted them to have some of New England's famous fish and chips. So off we went. After dinner, we were walking by the water when someone who shall remain nameless, realized she had lost her retainer.


It was lying on the table in a napkin (and yes, she has been told to never do that).

The table was empty.

The wastebasket was not.

However, the trash that the retainer had been thrown into had already been taken out.

Another sigh.

We asked to go through it. Yep. How totally gross is that?

They got several bags out for us. Gave us gloves. We went through it all, piece by disgusting piece.

Did I mention how gross it was?

But we pressed on.

And on.

Alas, said expensive hardware was never found.

Good times.

Welcome home and back to parenthood.


sara said...

oh my word, made Alyssa go dumpster diving at Discovery when she threw away her retainer. She gagged with every handful of trash. We found the retainer in the very LAST bag!!! but the look on her face was priceless when she realized she would be putting that back in her mouth...ha!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh golly, been there done that with the retainer. Thanks for the history lessons, your narratives were fascinating. Sounds like it was a great trip.

Kimberlie said...

Well, I suppose that puts our dishwasher mishap in perspective. At least we didn't have to replace it. I'll be posting the story at my blog later. You will laugh. I did. Paul didn't. We balance each other. :)

Kimberlie said...

PS - welcome home! Paul and I enjoyed following your journey. Now we are trying to figure out how we can score a paid vacation to Israel without kids. ;)

Lori said...

Oh my. You poor dear. They just couldn't ease you back into reality, could they?

Well, at least your trip was paid for, right?

And next time...get one of those old-lady reading glasses chain thingys for the unmentioned retainer wearer. Hook that baby right up and they'll never get farther than dangling at her midriff.

Dianne said...

Sara, I remember that! I also remember that Kelly did the same exact thing. Only, the restaurant manager actually searched the trash for us!!! AND found the retainer. Sorry for the loss, but glad that you are home with your little family (okay, not so little, but you know what I mean)
Love you!

trustandobey said...

First, welcome home! What an amazing adventure!
Second, if it makes you feel any better...our beloved Muffin ate Hunter's retainer a couple of years ago and ,yes, we had to buy another one. It is almost a rite of passage. Here is what we discovered...if the child has to pay to replace, said child becomes much more careful:0)
Third, so glad to hear that Jeff survived and that the leg issue may be much less serious.
Last, but not least, welcome home:)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home...happy Jeff's leg issue is (possibly) less serious...missed the retainer years(son didn't need one)...however my poor hubby Don once went Dumpster Diving after *I* (accidently) threw away a check (for a rather large amount) I'd received after resigning from a job. In the end the check had to be reissued :)

Sharon said...

So glad you're home safely and Jeff is doing better!!! Thanks so much for the history lesson...SO interesting!!! Sorry to hear about the retainer.

Julie said...

Karin, I have been looking for your email address but can't find it. I have some questions about Shriners and didn't know where to put them.

We just found out my 14 yo needs some major foot reconstruction. His flat feet are pronating and causing extreme pain. The surgeon we met with referred us to another surgeon but I am drawn to Shriners. We meet with the new surgeon on the 14th and I am a mess. They want to do bone grafts creating an internal brace of sorts. Allegedly the surgeon we will meet with on the 14th is the best, but I have no come to peace with it. If a child has a referral to Shriners does it take a long time for them to be seen? I don't want to rush the process but I don't want him to start the coming school year and then have to leave for this surgery and he is kind of tired of having it looming over his head. We would go to the St. Louis Shriners if we can get in and the other thing is, do I just send an application? I am sorry if I'm crossing a boundary.