Monday, May 09, 2011

How We Spent Mother's Day

If a male was describing the day it would be like this.

First, we went to church. Then we went out to eat. Then we came home.


But I'm not a male.

Before we went to church, I came down the stairs all dressed to go and heard loud stage whispers from the kids, "Here she comes!" So sneaky, they are.

I pretended not to hear them.

In the kitchen, Jeff was waiting with a corsage that he sweetly pinned on me and didn't even jab me with the pin.

Church was um...interesting since it was my turn to teach the 4th and 5th grade. Let's just draw a curtain of silence over that sad scene (and breathe a sigh of relief that my turn won't come up for awhile).

We went to lunch at our favorite restaurant because I have a favorite waitress there that I wanted to see. I'm weird like that. She apparently was happy to see me, too, because she paid for my meal. That almost made me cry because she is a single mom who works so hard and it just seemed so wrong that she was working and paying for MY meal on Mother's Day. I'm going to have to figure out a way to bless her with some kind of surprise. (Feel free to help me out with ideas!)

When we got home, I begged, cajoled...then just gave up and ordered the kids to pose with me for a Mother's Day photo. I excused the teen because he seriously cannot STAND to get his photo taken. However, as we were getting organized, he came strolling out and said he would participate as a Mother's Day gift. {This is where I could make some really lame pun about his presence vs. his presents, but I will refrain. I'm nice that way.}

Here are the glorious results.

The teen came sauntering out with an ice cream cone. Oh yes...he did eat it in front of everyone.

His brand of humor...just start turning around in mid-shoot.

And I guess he's done. I have always wanted a photo of his backside anyway.

After so much excitement it was hard to calm down but we decided to play some whiffle ball.

Jake{aka Speedy Gonzalez} knocks out the first pitch

"Oh yeah. I'm that good."

Zoey is fierce competitor

She hit one after another!

Nice stance, girlfriend!

The lackluster outfielders quickly lost interest in chasing fly balls

J-Man is a natural

Katie takes a swing but just can't get the job done

Big brother steps in to give her some advice

Su-wing! She hit one after another! Who knew this tiny little thing could be such a slugger?

Poor dad gets the brunt of one of her line drives. {Notice Zoey--ever vigilant in the outfield}

"Sorry! How about a flower?"


Kim K. said...

Looks like a lovely Mother's day with the kiddos. How nice that the weather cooperated (and the teen) for some outdoor pics and baseball.

Happy belated Mother's day, Karin!!

Sharon said...

Happy Mother's Day Karin (a little late)!!! So glad you had such a nice day. Love the pictures!

sara said...

so fun!! ok, is Taylor really that tall? or is it because you all are sitting down?!!!

I love Zoey's facial expressions while she is hitting!!! Nothing is going to stop that girl!

looks like a great day!

Kristin Ferguson said...

What a fun way to spend the day! Tell Taylor that next time I want to see a picture of his handsome face instead of his backside. hahaha

trustandobey said...

Bless her with a photo of her children!! Perfect and you know , as a single mom, there is no extra money to get pictures taken.
Looks like a fun Mother's Day for you!

Adeye said... THAT what I have to look forward to when I have THREE teenage boys????? Toooooo funny. Hey, at least he graced you with his presence :) As I began scrolling down I just had a feeling how the pics would end up :) Classic.

Wow...that Zoey girl is something else!

So glad you had a blessed Moms Day, my friend.

Adeye said...

Oh...I agree with Lisa. Bless her with some stunning pics of her kids. She probably would never be able to afford decent ones. It would be such a gift.

Ruby Mae said...

WHAT a NEAT Mom's Day and how nice of the teen to give you his present! Love the pictures! I too got a free lunch that Mom wasn't well, but after taking care of her we went to a new Mexican restaurant in Adrian....across from the SPOTTED COW (bet you remember that place) and had a tasty Mexican meal. When we told the waitress she'd made a mistake and only charge for one meal, she said, "We're treating Moms today! Happy Mom's Day!" Hadn't advertised that or said anything until the bill came.....guess what....we'll go back there again!