Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Teacher Gifts

Looking for a special gift for your child's teacher(s) this year? Not really loving the whole apple motif or coffee mug ideas?

Well, have no fear, LWB is here.

Last year we gave my kids' teachers a gift that they absolutely loved... a donation in honor of each teacher, of a winter coat for a cold orphan in China. This year, the winter coat is a $12 donation! Where could you spend only $12 and give such a useful gift? There are other wonderful gifts on the LWB site to give to teachers--including an area to give educational gifts to help orphans go to school. There are also medical gifts and foster care gifts. (So if you have other hard-to-buy-for folks on your list, maybe they would appreciate a gift that helps a child in China.) LWB will send a gift card to your child's teacher telling them of the donation that you have made in their honor. Whatever your budget, there is a meaningful gift idea, whose true warmth will last far longer than the apple inspired coffee mug.

Make a difference. There are children in China who wonder if they matter to anyone in this world. You can be the answer to that question that lies so deeply in their hearts.


Waitingfaithfully said...

I just did a post about this very thing as well (along with a little giveaway which is still going on!)! Our teachers are going to "receive" either backpacks, or art supplies (for the "Believe in Me" program)--through Love Without Boundaries. Teddi's speech therapists are going to "receive" a gift of cleft bottles! Just say no to apple gifts . . . that's our motto too! :)

Thanks for sharing!


Fong Wa said...

Than ks for sharing! And another way to give a gift to a teacher is to adopt their classroom at This can also be a good gift idea for anyone else - adopt a classroom on their behalf. Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting teachers and your classroom adoption would also be tax deductible!