Monday, December 14, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

One day last week, the kids wanted to go out and play in the snow. Unfortunately, it was melting rather quickly in the warm sunshine. Anxious to use their sleds, they were bummed to see that the only place in yard that did NOT have snow, was the hill.

I let them go out--never dreaming that they would still be entertaining the idea of sliding down the hill. On the dirt. With their newly washed, cute little snowpants on. You know...'cause they would be thinking that they wouldn't want to make their poor mother re-wash eight pairs of snowpants.

"Jordan, it would be really helpful if you would give me a push instead of messing around with your sled."

"Wheeeeee! I knew it would work!"

"See? No problem! Mom, why do you look so annoyed?"

"I'm not widing down dat scawy hiwl. I jus tand hewe looking adowable."

"I wanna turn! I wanna turn! Let me do it!"

"Uh oh...this is kinda scary..."

"Ohhhh...that WAS fun! Can I do it again?!"

"I really have no idea why Mom is getting cranky about the mud on our boots and snow pants."

"OK, little kids, let me teach you the finer points of building a snowman."

"So. We are supposed to roll this snow into a ball? I don't get the point of this."

"Here's my it big enough?"

"What did you say we are supposed to do with this?"

"I'm losing interest in this project. I think I'll just eat mine."

"Me, too."

"I had no decent help on this, but may I present to you....Mr. Snowman! Ta-da!"


Lori said...

SO CUTE!! I shudder to think of the muck that was all over your floors after those precious little ones came inside. You are a brave, brave woman, my friend!

Kim K. said...

I have to agree with Lori. I can't even imagine your LAUNDRY after that outing. Darling pics (as always). I'd be happy to share some of our snow with your kiddos. Hugs!!

Adeye said...

Our kids are exactly the same--they'll find ANY hill to sled down--snow or no snow! But in our case, more often than not that would be SNOW! Because we have so darn much of it!!!!!!

Can you tell I am completely over winter? Oh, that's right, winter has NOT even arrived yet. :(

Cindy said...

How FUN!
Love all the cute hats.

Hope your little helpers like "helping" with the laundry too!
Ours never ends either, part of the joys of big families. But we don't have snowsuits out here in CA. But your snow looks like more fun!

Angie said...

Oh, so much fun...except for mom who probably spent the better part of the evening in front of the washer and dryer!

Shonni said...

Oh so precious! What fun they had, huh.

Karin said...

OH folks in California have no idea how yukky winter is. Snow is only fun for about 5 minutes. Then its an endless parade of wet snow boots (dripping all over the floor x 8), wet coats, wet snow pants, wet mittens, wet hets. None of it dries quickly. So then you have two pairs of wet mittens, hats, etc.

And the cost...ugh. Snow pants, mittens, boots, hats... It costs a fortune.

Give me a pair of $2 flip flops any day!!!

Deanna, (aka Dj, and Deej.) said...

Karin they always have such wonderful expresions on their cute little faces!
And I think the bright colors and crazy hat fit Jake perfectly!

Cindy said...

Oh Karin, you are so funny, but I'd take the flip flops over wet snowsuits too! We went to the snow last spring and I bought all the kiddos stuff off E*B*ay for cheap (it was after season anyway) and the best bargain was ten pair children's gloves, some w/ tags on them for $12! It was fun, even found boots for them since we can't find them in stores here easily...only flip flops! I think the pix of our snow trip are on our blog from March 09, it was fun!
(I'm the mommy in soaking wet jeans since I didn't have snow pants, the kiddos were dry!)

Love your snow pictures, makes it feel like Christmas here too!