Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year Ago today...

...we were on a plane to China to bring Zoey and Kate home. We had the stroke-of-midnight-moment quite a few times as we flew across one time zone after another.

The packing zone...the day we left. I have never learned to pack light. I doubt I ever will!

And soon we were transported to a place where we saw cool things like this.

And sweet friends like this.

Whose daughter's were photographed constantly in public, by admiring crowds like...


We rode the subway with "Baby," the stuffed animal from Chloe's kindergarten class.

We shopped in places like this.

We shopped here too, where the look on this girl's face cracks me up to this day.

We met sweet babies like Corrie, who need Mommy's and Daddy's to love them.

I can't believe it's been a year.

As we savor those sweet memories of China, we are preparing to send Ryan off to bo*t camp on Monday. I keep finding myself wanting to slow time make each moment last a bit longer, but time keeps churning forward.

Tonight, as we sit in our family room eating junk food, playing games and watching TV, I am so thankful for the family that surrounds me. I am thankful that I have a son...even though I have to send him to bo*t camp. There are those who don't have any children. There are those who have no families. There are those who don't have warm homes that bring comfort and shelter.

I am very, very blessed. Thank you, Jesus.


Kim K. said...

I've enjoyed getting to know your family this past year, Karin. Mott Children's Hospital will always be our connection. I look forward to reading what this next 12 months brings to your family. Please know that I'll be thinking of your son. Happy New Year. HUGS!!!

Holly said...

We are blessed.
The day you dread will come but you know what? His strength is perfect when your strength is gone!
And I believe that God is going to use this experience for GOOD in Ryan's life...and ultimately in your lives. I am praying the favor of God to go before Him and the hand of God to protect Him and prosper Him throughout his training.
Wish I lived closer!

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, has it really been a year already??? That is crazy. Where has the year gone?

Know that I am praying for you this weekend, friend. Praying that God would hold you tight and give you the grace to release your precious son.

Thank you for allowing me to journey with you over the last year--it has been such an honor.

trustandobey said...

PRAYING for you and the family and for Ryan DAILY until he is home again.
PS-ooooh... those sweet Asian faces! I want another one:)

tinacd said...

Praying for Ryan and your family.
May He bless you today with precious memories.
Happy New Year!

Tracie said...

What a very blessed year you have had. I will be praying for Ryan. I look forward to seeing what incredible things God does in your life this new year!