Thursday, December 24, 2009

Love Came Down

We are less than two weeks away from Ryan leaving for bo*t camp and my heart is aching. I know I am not the only Mama who is grieving over sending her child to the milit*ry, so I pleaded with God to help me face it bravely, with peace in my heart.

He came alongside, as He so often does, with gentleness, and reminded me that He knows the pain of sending a Son away from home and out into the world.

We so often focus on the JOY of the Christmas season...the WONDER of a baby born...a baby who would SAVE the world and RESCUE us from our hopeless condition. But this year, my heart turned toward the Father...the one who waited at home while the Son went down to earth to fulfill His destiny.

  • The Father had to watch His Boy leave.
  • The Father knew that His much treasured, His Beloved, would not be received with the JOY that the Father intended. That in fact, His precious Boy would be tortured, rejected and misunderstood.
  • The Father also knew, that this was His Son's destiny. An oppressed world awaited a rescuer. There was only One who had the credentials to do it.

So Love came down.

For me.

For you.

For ALL who will receive Him.

Somehow over the years, His message has been twisted to be all about do's and don'ts. That would be the same as defining a parent only by the rules they set for their children, and leaving out all the love they lavish on them. As parents we LOVE first....we bless our kids with material comforts as is possible...and we also have some rules to keep them safe. All of those components have to work together to give our kids the best upbringing possible.

Yes, as God's children there are some rules. But His extravagant LOVE is what should stand out. A LOVE that made Him willing to send His Son to be mistreated and murdered. A LOVE that made the Son willing to suffer in our place, while being cursed and rejected for doing so.

What will you do with this amazing, wonderful, extravagant, too-huge-to-comprehend GIFT?

It is so easy to accept it. All we have to say is yes. Yes, God, we admit we need you. We admit we have sinned. We are willing to accept the gift and the heritage of adoption that accompanies it. We rejoice that there are no strings attached. We rejoice that you LOVE us to much that our feeble minds cannot wrap themselves around the concept.

Thank you, God, for the precious gift of your Son. Thank you for sending LOVE down. For me.

"For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given..." Isaiah 9:6


Lori said...

Such a moving post, Karin. Truly, if we really can get into our hearts even a glimpse of how much He loves us...we would stand in awe. His UNCONDITIONAL love is unfathomable. But He let us decide to love Him accept HIS gift to us...or not. God is a gentleman to the core. He is LOVE in a way that only HE can be.

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love it.
He does understand.
I love the verse that says that we are not given a high priest who cannot sympathize with us. Nope.
He can empathize every way.
Try to take these last days before Ryan's life changes one at a time trusting him to Abba.
I am praying. Thanks for the magnet.

Adeye said...

Oh friend--I LOVE this post!!!!

Such unbelievably amazing LOVE! My heart cannot fathom it today. Where would we be without Him????

Merry Christmas to your precious family, dear friend. Thank you for being such a blessing and an encouragement to me over the last few months.

Cari said...

Very moving post, with a great perspective! We can get so distracted with the concerns of our busy schedules that we lose focus on why we are really here.

Kimberlie said...

Thank you for reminding me that He is beside me as my heart aches with the longing for a son that is so far away. As I struggle to hold back tears and fight my emotions because my children have no idea about the boy that will be their brother. I almost couldn't bear to place the ornament on the tree that represents him.

Love came down... for me.

Huge Christmas hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin,
Thanks for coming by our blog to bring home Lucy Lei. My husband and I lurk around your blog too! We were just lurking there yesterday.
We are so praying for Lucy's successful surgery and quick recovery. Once she is well, we so long for a big family. We love looking at your pics.