Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Fun

Here they come!

Since it was Zoey and Kate's first Christmas, they opened the first gift.

"Why do I have the feeling there is nothing for me under the tree?"

Zoey and Kate check out their new adoption story books

If you are drinking coffee and reading this, please swallow before you look at the next photo, to avoid spewing.

Ryan reaction to the gag gift we got him

Bedlam and chaos reigned

Time to open stockings!

Contemplating the possibility of eating his candy cane without drooling

Checking out the M&M candy cane while SaraGrace struggles with hers

"I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm not getting squat this year."

Princess shoes

Sparkly earrings

Little girls who now have a family

Katie-bug has a new bunny to love

And Daddy has another little girl to love

Mommy loves her, too

Borrowing SaraGrace's cool velvet gloves

Zoey's turn to try them on

"Give me horsey ride, Mama."

"No, Jakie. I don't want to take a nap and I don't want you kissing me, even though Mommy wanted you to do it for a photo op."


soontobemomof9 said...

Looks like fun! :) Everyone looks so happy!

Thanks for sharing. We were more or less snowed in, and it was COLD, so we had a long day! But it was a good day just the same. :)

Jean said...

What wonderful pics! Your kids look so cute in everyone of them! Such incredible blessings!

I love seeing your little boys(yes the girls, too)- it's giving me big ideas!! I am guessing you know my big ideas!!

Merry Christmas!

Adeye said...

How FUN!

What a blessed day you had. Looks stunning. Are you snowed in up there?

Love and hugs

Kim K. said...

What beautiful Christmas pictures. The girls are just precious but I especially loved Jake's raccoon-skinned hat photo. Thanks for the coffee advice. hee hee.

I hope you are able to rest and relax today with all your sweet children. Continued Christmas blessings.

sara said...

looks like a wonderful Christmas, Karin!!!

Holly said...

Beautiful pictures that tell such a happy story! I love the Terra Cotta Warrior by your fireplace!!
Hooray for first Christmases!

Lynsay said...

So adorable! I always love your pictures! The Christmas we spent with Kate she had an IV and was none to pleased to see me when we came in with gifts! Haha!

Praying for you these weeks!

Love you guys!

trustandobey said...

Looks like fun there!!! Be sure not to let Jake out of the house in THAT hat during hunting season!!! Karin, your children look very happy and founded.

Anonymous said...

We are adopting Liu Fang (Lucy Lei) from China. She is one of the 3 girls that HTS was given 1 time permission from the CCAA to advocate for. We so hope to adopt several SN children from China in the future. We are inspired by your family.

Cari said...

What a fun post to read and look at all the pictures. You are blessed with a great family!

Happy New Year, my friend! :)