Friday, March 25, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for a little boy

Please go over to my friend, Adeye's blog, and read about a little boy whose life hangs in the balance. His adoptive parents have been told by the judge overseeing their case, that he is not worth adopting. They are trying to appeal the decision and need us to storm the gates of heaven with our prayers for their little boy's release.

Please stand with this family in prayer and help bring this little boy home!

Every life has value. Every life is precious.


Holly said...

Isn't this just absolutely mind boggling? Where two or more are gathered together in prayer....He is there!!!
Thanks for spreading the word about the need for prayer!!

sara said...

oh my word....not "worth" adopting?!! Praying.

Cari said...

I've been praying for him since reading about it on Adeye's blog. What an insane reason to give! It's just not right.