Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chloe's New Shoes

We went back to Shriners hospital today to pick up Chloe's new lift and shoe insert. She was so excited about being able to wear a pair of shoes that were the same size.

And sure enough....they pulled it off!

Now her feet look like this!

Instead of like this.

All because of this cool thing she can slip into her shoe. It's removable and she can put it in other shoes, too.

She has a little over a one inch leg length difference, so she decided she wanted that addressed as well. The lift that goes into the shoe has a 1/2 inch lift and they added 1/2 inch to her shoe. So, it looks like this:

It's more noticeable from a side view like this but not too noticeable when she's running around.

We took her wedding shoes for them to make an insert for her, but the shoes just didn't work. They were a ballet style slip-on and her smaller foot just wouldn't stay in. We need to find one with a strap over the top. When we find one, they said they will make an insert for it.

It's so cool to watch her run around and be so excited to have legs and feet the same size. We are so grateful for Shriners Hospital!


Kim K. said...

Brilliant and thrilling!! Hugs to Chloe!!

Theanne and Baron said...

Bravo to the miracle workers at the Shriner's Hospital! What a fantastic job they did on Chloe's shoes and the insert. I'm sure you and Chloe will find a feminine, wedding appropriate shoe with a strap...and then the miracle workers can do it again!

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

This was a wonderful post! I'm so happy for her!!

God Bless You All!!

Miss Lila

Lori said...

OH, WOW! That is so great!! What a gigantic blessing, those Shriners are!

Sharon said...

How wonderful for Chloe! I can just see her running around!! Love these good news blog posts first thing in the morning!!!

trina said...

I love Chloe's update posts. Yes, Shriners is the most amazing place. So interesting all the things they can do for our kiddos. This summer, we head back to Shriners and they will make a "hand" so Benjamin can attach it to his little hand and be able to play his guitar. I know he will be so excited.

Ruby Mae said...

What a wonderful thing for this precious girl. We take so for granted our two feet and legs that are the same length. I'm SO HAPPY for her! Ruby Mae

Holly said...

Wow! Josiah may need to have his shoes treated someday. For now he just has the heel lift and it works!
So glad you have had such a good experience with Shriners.
I met a couple at Josiah's ortho appt. who had a very very sad experience at their Shriner's.
So happy for sweet Chloe that she has these cool shoes.
Does she wear shoes all the time? Josiah still runs around barefoot at any given chance and just tippy toes on his little leg/foot!

Adeye said...

Oh wow....that is so amazing!

So very happy for her. Can't wait to see beautiful little shoes for the big day :)

Inspector Clouseau said...

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