Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

The three amigos were eating lunch yesterday when a very deep discussion took place. They have recently been asking questions about Jesus dying on the cross and I had been explaining that He did that for take away our sins, so that someday when we die, we could live with Him in heaven. And that while we live here on earth, He will help us live our lives with His strength, courage and love.

They brought it up again at lunch and this time, it all seemed to click for them. I saw the light dawn in Jake's eyes and he said, "Let's PRAY!"

I asked him a few more questions to see if he really understood. He did. As did Zoey, who also wanted to pray. Kate was characteristically more reserved, but also repeated after me as I led them through a prayer asking Jesus to come into their hearts and wash away their sins.

They were so cute and eager.

Oh, Happy Day...when Jesus washed my sins away!


Sean and Lisa said...

Absolutely brings tears to my eyes and rejoicing to my lips! Praise God! This is what it is all about!!
Much love!

Lori said...

Oh, HAPPY DAY, for sure!!!!!

God is SO GOOD!

Grace said...

Your children are all so precious, I love seeing all the beautiful pictures you take.
Could you please e-mail me at mom at silvamoose dot com concerning a little boy from Carrington's orphanage?


Chris said...

It's amazing how things just 'click' in their minds..

Kim K. said...

What a happy day. Thank you for sharing. Happy Friday!!

:)De said...

YAY!!! The angels are having a celebrations!! Welcome little brother and sisters!

Jo's Corner said...

I have no doubt, that He was smiling down on your three Sweethearts as they claimed Him to be in their lives in such a Precious way! They are absolutely darling. How I wish I lived near your family, to be able to be an Auntie and just be around to help with some of the things you might need. Hugs ~ Jo

Anonymous said...

How precious are the children!

Charissa said...

So great and amazing! Cherished brother and sisters in Christ! That is wonderful...thanks for sharing this special moment with us. Praise God!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww!! There are a bunch of angels celebrating right now!!

Jodi said...

Yahoo!!!! So excited to hear this wonderful news!!!

Ruby Mae said...

GOD is SO GOOD! Rejoicing with you in the decisions made by these 3 precious ones.