Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun Craft Idea to Help Others

You may have heard of the organization Voice of the Martyrs, which primarily helps Christians in countries where Christianity is forbidden. They currently have a unique craft project making parachutes to help get Bibles and radios via plane into hard-to-reach places. I bought some for my girls to do, and Jillian decided to do the craft herself. The ribbon can be glued or sewn on. Just thought I'd pass this information on, in case any of your families, Sunday school classes or youth groups would be interested.

It does take eight hours or so for the glue to dry adequately--just FYI.

If you don't like crafts, you can also sponsor a parachute, which I believe helps with the cost of a Bible and radio.


Shonni said...

This is really neat!!! I love VOM!

sara said...

what a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

So they use these parachutes to drop the bibles and radios? What a great idea!

Adeye said...

One of the best organizations ever!