Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visit Re-Cap

Ryan is now back in Korea and everyone is feeling the loss. We had a wonderful visit--in spite of having to endure the endless, obnoxious horsing around between Ryan and Taylor.

I was momentarily tempted to stop missing Ryan.

But I got over it, and they both calmed down after a few days. You know...about the time for Ryan to leave. Yeah.

Sadly, I have no photos to share. Ryan cannot stand having his photo taken and after posing for the engagement shoot, he was pretty much DONE with cameras. Not only that but we were often out running errands--where I didn't take photos. Almost every night we all just hung out in the family room watching movies together. It was fun, relaxing and, well....not all that photo-worthy.
Anyway, my family would have gotten quite irritable if I had started snapping pics. hehe

Ryan and Dani had a tough time saying good-bye to each other and are now counting the days until the wedding.

And to make up for the lack of photos of Ryan's visit, there were two that I took of Jake shortly after Ryan's arrival.

It seems that every time Ryan is here, the hideous mullet wig makes an appearance.

Oh come know you want one.


Lori said...

Awww, the engagement photos are so great!

And ummm, that Jake...I always suspected he was a mullet-kind-of-guy. Hilarious!!!

Kim K. said...

Such beautiful engagement photos. I can't imagine how hard it is on everyone when Ryan had to say goodbye again. Jake totally made my morning. Love that wig!!

trustandobey said...

What is that thing on my future SIL's head??? Please don't give him any ideas!!!!I am thinking that I would have to seriously talk Kate down off the ledge.
Glad to hear of such a nice visit with Ryan and Dani. I know it must have been balm to your mother's heart and soul.
Just think...this time next year you and I might be talking about grand kids on the way!! (But for now , let's don't go there.)

Phoefe said...

that's all wonderful. congrats on his engagement. that's an awesome wig btw. lol

Theanne and Baron said...

I'm so proud of your Ryan...the photo of him and Dani is...well...beautiful! And that mullet is interesting to say the least...and cute on Jake! LOL

Theanne and Baron said...
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Danielle said...

Hey mama this post made me wana cry because it reminded me of how much fun i had and how much i loved seeing everyone again :D

To Lisa- Ryan and I have been talking about children but not until my college is done and out of the way so we both have stable jobs. so mama wont hae grandkids for a couple years. But im excited because i know whenever Ryan and i are blessed with children they will be surrounded by family and friends and other people who will love them♥