Friday, February 18, 2011

School Visit and a Sneak Peek...

We had a great visit at the kids' school yesterday. Sadly, my camera battery died because I had forgotten to charge it. Wah. I did get a few shots but not many.

The kids totally cracked me up! The boys in the first grade were bouncing in their seats to see a 'real soldier.'

"He's not a fake guy. He's real."
"This is sooooo unbelievable!"
"His clothes are real."

To one of our girls, "You have the best big brother in the whole world."

The older boys had other types of questions, like:
"What kind of guns do you use?"

Jordan's teacher told the kids, "You are getting to meet a real, live American Hero."

Ryan and Dani enjoyed seeing all the kids, visited their classes, ate lunch and went out for recess with them to play ball. It was a beautiful day--60 degrees--so everyone had fun.

Later, as we talked about it, Ryan's response to the 'American Hero,' comment was that he hasn't done anything heroic. Dani and I assured him that just joining and being willing to be sent anywhere, IS heroic and we appreciate those who stand between us and the enemy.

We found some time to do an engagement shoot so here are some sneak peeks...all at low resolution.


Tesseraemum said...

Super Cute!!
Makes me cry just thinkin about it!
He is definately our hero just for signing up to risk his life for us!
We talk about this often.

Thank you Ryan! You ARE a REAL HERO! The Watson's

Kimberlie said...

Ryan is a hero! Just look at enlistment numbers and you see how few are willing to give so that we all can enjoy freedom.

I love the sneak peek engagement photos. Even though you can't really see them all that well, I do like the one of them by the lampost. It's so "Narnia-ish" and I love, love, love the Chronicles of Narnia.

What a beautiful couple they make!

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Your boy most certainly is a hero! Please hug him for me. Being a military wife - now retired - I can say with first hand knowledge our soldiers are heroes. Most are very humble and give a similar response as Ryan did - but they truly are America's heroes and should be treated like it. I see all these pro athletes that are portrayed as heroes and getting paid tons of $$ then I think of our soldiers and their families struggling to get by on military pay...



Angie said...

He IS a hero!!! And I love the photo of the two of them by the tree in their t-shirts.

Holly said...

the pics are great of course :) It is funny to see them in tees with snow everywhere!!
One of the cool things about not living in a military town is the respect and appreciation the public gives to those in the Armed Forces.
Here, soldiers are a dime a dozen.
Heck, go into any 1st grade classroom and probably HALF of them have moms and/or dads in the Army, so there is a lack of wonder and awe and appreciation.
Go to Wally World or grocery store at any given time of day but esp. in the evening and you will see tons of people in uniform it sort of is just old hat...and that makes me sad.
So glad that those little ones looked up to Ryan and appreciated his service :)

sara said...

those pictures are awesome!!! I know you are loving every minute!!

Kim K. said...

What beautiful engagement pictures. You must be so darn proud.

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ryan is a HERO in my book...God Bless Him and his family! Tell him I said HOORAH! The engagement pictures are so great...thanks for taking and sharing!

Adeye said...

Soooooo sweet! I just LOVE the things little kids say :) Classic.

Oh and the pics are simply beautiful. I hope you're planning on showing us more??????

What a stunning couple.

So happy for you, friend.

trustandobey said...

Everyone looks so happy, Karen. How fun to have this visit with Ryan. He really looks so grown up now. I know he is loving all those wonderful , home cooked dinners from his Mama!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Your son IS a hero. I know the other kiddo's were very proud to show him off.
I love the 1st engagement pic the most!

Kristin Ferguson said...

It's nice to see Ryan's humility!

The engagement 'preview' shots are really good! Can't wait to see the rest! I'm disappointed a little bit with the photographer's company name, though. I was hoping for Edith to show up in there somewhere!!!hahahahaha

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Lisa said...

Great job Karen! Yup, he's a hero and it makes me tear up just thinking about it. They look really cute together. I laughed at jake's mullet. :)