Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Valentine Grinch

OK...this is just annoying.

I was at the store this week and wanted to look for a Valentine for my sweet husband. I started reading through them and thought most of them were pretty lame--no great artwork or verse. I finally found one that had a nice verse--although sadly lacking in the artwork department.

I flipped it over to see the price and it was....


Um, seriously?

For a small, not-great-looking card. It had no embellishments...nothing fancy. Just a very basic--and did I mention SMALL--card.

Oh for Pete's sake.



So I put it back.

Because I refuse to pay $5 for such a crummy Valentine.

So honey, if you are reading this, please know that I am not getting you a card this year.

And newsflash to the card companies....Jacking up your prices for a measly card is not a good way to restore your dwindling businesses.

I think my husband would probably appreciate $5 worth of Snickers bars instead anyway. And maybe, if I can get my act together, I might make one. But no promises.


Lori said...

Oh, I completely agree!!

CRAZY prices!

Kim K. said...

I totally agree about the prices. Handmade is better. I bet you have some little hands that might even help you!!

Cari said...

i'm the same way. i think cards over $1 are a big rip off!

Kristin Ferguson said...

First of all let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARIN!!!

Second of all, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's the Valentine's grinch but I can take it a step further. I totally despise this holiday because I hate contrived sentiments. I've always told Jim NEVER to send me flowers on V-day because it's so 'forced' feeling. (Lucky guy rigiht?)

And as for the card for Jeff? Don't waste your energy making one...we all know what our husband's want on that day AND every other calendar day for that matter so save your energy for that! :):):)

trustandobey said...

I emailed but didn't hear back from you so you forced me to take these measures...ach hem....(clearing the throat)...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Kaaaarrrennnn!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!
Shooby Dooby Do Waaaaaaaaa!

Love Lisa:)

Angie said...

Amen to that! You may as well toss your $5. bill out the van window while you're driving down the road! I buy the el-cheapo $1. cards...or none at all. Hey, kids...wanna make another card for me? A whole pad of construction paper is cheaper!

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

The dollar tree cards are super el cheapo and the jokes are even lamer, but they're only $.50 each here. Snickers is brilliant!

Kristi said...

A few years ago my husband and I agreed to go to Target (together), look for a great card for the other, pass it to them, let them read it, then put it back on the shelf and walk away.
It's worked for us ever since. :)

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry about the card issue. I really don't blame you. My hubby would like the bag of candy better too. Thanks for the idea!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

OH, Karin, I've just caught up on all you've had going on....just read a poem. ;)
You need a break...wish I could come over.

Adeye said...

I is completely insane! I too refuse to pay that. I'll tell him I love him a few extra times...or something like that :)

Why the heck didn't you tell us that you just turned twenty five??????

Happy happy birthday, beautiful friend. You totally Rock! Especially since you're sooooo young with soooooo many kids :)

csmith said...

The kids and I just make all of our cards online and print them out. Super easy and (almost) free. Just google "free printable cards" and you will get tons of sites.

Anne Devlin said...

I so totally agree! I found the cutest idea instead: I'm going to drop it off at DH's office while he's out on a sales call :-) Can't wait to hear his reaction!