Sunday, February 13, 2011

Progress on our Special Project

I have been meaning to do some posts on the status of the attic project, but time seems to slip away from me.

Jeff finished hanging the drywall and hired someone to tape and mud the seams.
(Don't get me started on how much I disliked have the 'drywall guy' hanging out at our house for 3 weeks. So.Glad.He's.Done.)
One room

Other side which will be a play area and reading nook (I hope)

There was no place for bed placement, so we decided to have a loft area for two of the beds

Um...would you be nervous to see your husband doing this?


Next day--primer applied and flooring started
(the 'doorways' are under the eaves spaces that will have doors on them eventually)

Primer done

Next day, paint done, flooring almost done

Paint done...mess daunting ha

We've been busy doing this, hence blog posts have been sparse.


Merany :) said...

OMG I would PUKE watching him on that ladder!! At church camp, we always hang banners and lights and the boys just fly up those ladders like squirrels and hang on them like monkeys! Makes me a NERVOUS wreck! I'm nervous just on the attic ladder!!! But, I'm a chicken! haha. Looks good, though!

Kimberlie said...

OK, that ladder thing is scary. Tell him not to do that any more. :)

Beautiful room!!!

Anonymous said...

The board and stepladder arrangement with hubby on scary! It was bad enough when Don and I were on a roof nailing shingles! The rooms are looking great and I'm sure the added space is going to be marvelous!

Angie said...

Wow! It looks amazing. The girls will love it. Ummm...can you put mattresses under that guy? I'd be shakin' in my boots! I hate heights!

Kim K. said...

I made Chris look at the ladder shot with me. EEK!!! Your kiddos are going to love their new attic area. Thanks for sharing the progress. I can't wait to see more!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lori said...

Oh wow, it looks great!!

Dry wall guys...I hear ya.

And mercy sakes, Jeff on that ladder-slide is an AFV video waiting to happen. Cha-ching!

Have fun cleaning. Heehee. But doesn't it SMELL so good?? I absolutely LOVE the smell of new construction. It's dreamy.

Cari said...

LOVE IT! {except the scaffolding pic...looks like something from China...hehe}. Hey we have an unfinished basement in dyer need of being finished to make two more bedrooms! :) Just saying...

Sharon said...

COOL area!!! Bet you're so excited to have this almost completed...and LUCKY girls!!! BUT, I don't know if I could watch Jack doing something SO scary!

Kristin Ferguson said...

So who gets the attic bedroom? Tell Taylor I think he deserves a teen hide-out up there! Just kidding. I'm totally a proponent of NOT isolating the teen!!!

Tell Jeff he rocks. Jim would be right up there on that gangplank with him and I wouldn't have batted an eyelash...but I would definitely have upped his insurance policy beforehand! hahaha

Tesseraemum said...

BEE-U-TI-FUL! I sooo want an attic like that!
I have to say, I would be the one on the ladder bridge. OH, I would fall off, without a doubt,but I would be up there!!

trustandobey said...

So I guess this is Jeff's room when the 2 of you don't see eye to eye? What a great idea:)
ps-looks very nice up there!

Chris said...

Love it! yeah except for the scaffolding you guys spent too much time in foreign countries didn't you know anything about OS*A?
I was wondering how you kept Jake out of the paint and "mud"?

David and Janet Hurley said...

Ohhh- so that's how you paint in the stairwell. Not the way we did it, but anyway you paint 16+ feet off the floor is scarry to me!
We've never paid anyone to paint, but after the stairwell, we decided paying someone would be a must for us next time.
Looks great!

Jean said...

I love it!! Looks like it will be such a fun spot for the kids!!

Thankful Hubby is fine after he did his little circus act! Whew!! Your guy looks like he knows what he's doing- in our home it would be me on the scaffolding!!

Meredith said...

Wow! looking great!