Thursday, February 03, 2011


We are HOME and I am exhausted. Can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight.

SaraGrace needs an infusion every eight hours, so I will be staying up late to get that done. It's scheduled for 8AM - 4PM - Midnight. I am allowed to change that slightly, which I will because I don't want to stay up that late every night. But staying up late is WAAAY better than spending the night in the hospital.

The visiting nurse came over and sorted all the supplies and let me start the infusion with her watching.

Our excitement at going home dimmed considerably this morning when Jeff sent me a text that although he was on his way to get us, Kate was throwing up.

UGH! Seriously?

When he got there, we were waiting in the lobby since he couldn't bring the kids in. Poor little Kate was sitting in her seat with a barf bucket, looking miserable. I'm not sure which was worse...being Kate, or being Jake who was sitting right next to her and her bucket.


She slept most of the day and tonight she said her tummy is starting to feel better.

Please, God, don't let it go through the whole family--especially SaraGrace.

That said, I am still very thankful for the way God took care of us this week. It could have been so much worse. It could have happened when Jeff was out of town. I am thankful that we took her in so soon. Normally, a child throwing up would not cause us to go to the hospital. Jeff said that "apendicitis" popped into his mind in the middle of the night. It did for me, too. I have to believe that God put that thought in our minds. Even though her appendix did rupture, she wasn't sick from the infection yet. She would have been much sicker had we waited another 12 hours or so.

So...we have much to be thankful for.

And last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year!


Tina Michelle said...

So good to hear she is home. I hope she recovers quickly and you get some rest! Hope Kate gets over her sickness as well!

Kim K. said...

I'm so relieved to read that you are really home. I hope Kate recovers quickly from her stomach bug and that it doesn't spread. Continued prayers flowing from West MI.

Cari said...

so glad you are both home. i bet jeff and the kids are too! i hope you have a peaceful, quiet weekend.

Kathleen said...

Praying for healing and rest for your crew....


sara said...

so happy you are home! I will be praying that it doesn't go through everyone!!!

trustandobey said...

Just know that I am praying that the stomach bug will not infect the rest of you, esp. SG!! Glad you are home and out of the hospital where you And glad to hear how the Lord handled all the details behind the scenes.
Praying for a peaceful, downright boring, weekend for you all:)

Sean and Lisa said...

So glad you are home! Praying continued healing over SaraGrace and protection for everyone in the family from the barf sickness. Poor Kate...praying she's 100% today!
And thanking God for His wisdom and gentle leading.
Much love!

Theanne... said...

Happy homecoming to you both...hope Kate feels better soon and that it not something that can be passed...continuing prayers for SaraGrace and your family...oh and poor Jake beside the barf bucket...but he's a trooper!

Holly said...

Oh no! Praying that the rest of the family stays healthy!
Welcome home girls!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Home Sweet Home! Hopefully last night was all you had hoped for. I know you'll miss being served food on a tray but I'm sure it's still much better being home!

Adeye said...

So glad to hear you are both home.

Oh, friend, I am soooooo trusting with you with complete healing in your entire family! No more tummy bug, in the name if Jesus!!!!!!!

Ankit said...

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Donna said...

glad you're home! I'm enjoying reading your blog :)
Donna Clark
from the ACLD board

Wife of the Pres. said...

I am so thankful you are home! I have not been reading blogs (or posting until Thursday on mine) for about two weeks so I missed this all.

I was contemplating hanging up my bloggy hat and then I come here and am reminded one of the reasons I read (and blog) is to lift up little ones (and their Mommas! to our Father).

What a trooper SG is.