Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Jeff and I have been trying to keep this a secret from the kids for weeks now...but today is the big day!

RYAN IS COMING HOME for a short visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I cannot WAIT to get my arms around that boy!!!

He was able to get a few weeks of leave from Korea, so he flew to MI to see his fiancee, Dani, and today they are both flying here to see us! He wanted to surprise the kids so we have been struggling to keep the surprise. Some of the older kids know.

Because they are so nosy. And observant. And their parents are really lame about keeping secrets.

I have been feverishly getting ready. We wanted to have some extra space for sleeping areas, so getting the attic ready for some of the kids was one of the goals. Then when the big girls vacated their tiny room, I decided it needed to be painted.

Right then.

So, Monday morning, I got paint, painted the room, sorted and organized a ridiculous amount of their JUNK treasures, ran to Walmart to buy a cheap bookcase, had the Teenager put it together, and managed to get the room looking decent. Today I will run back to Walmart to get a blow-up mattress and voila...a room for Dani to use while she's here.

Ryan will get his choice of sleeping in the basement with the troll teenager, or the family room couch.

As I was rushing around yesterday, Taylor looked at me shaking his head and said, 'Mom. Ryan used to live here. He knows what the house usually looks like. Why are you all worried about getting it to look perfect?"

I hate it went people point out the obvious.


Sharon said...

How exciting!!! Have a great time!

Kim K. said...

I'm so happy for you. Be sure to take lots of pictures (like I have to ask). Have fun making lots of fun memories!!

trustandobey said...

Fun! Fun! I love the teenager's perspective on it all. You have batteries in the camera, right???

Angie said...

Oh my goodness, the kids will be sooo excited to see Ryan!! Not to mention his parents!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Hurray that Ryan is coming home!!! I know you'll make the most of every moment!!! I'd go with Taylor's advice and not stress over the house. Just enjoy the anticipation!

Ally said...

Oh I know you must be thrilled. Hope you have a wonderful time :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for all of you...when you hug him remember there's a little bit of us hugging him too!

Jean said...

So excited for you!!
I miss our two sons in Colorado so much. Hubby goes there for work and sees them but I never get to...

Enjoy every minute with him/ them!! The kids
will be thrilled when they see that the surprise is Ryan!!


Holly said...

I am laughing out loud at Taylor's question :)
I understand though- you are just excited :)
Have fun and children- be well in the name of Jesus- NO sickies please!! :)