Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memorial Box Monday - God's Amazing Provision

I haven't participated in Memorial Box Monday for awhile--mainly because I am SO BAD at remembering to write things on certain days. ugh. But anyway...I remembered this week.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to send our kids to a Christian school. But yeah...the tuition... There is just no way.

We tried homeschooling when Molly was going into kindergarten. God very clearly called us to it at the time. Molly was just too emotionally fragile to attend school. I homeschooled for two years. The second year it went rather...um....badly.

As in epic fail.

The following year, God directed us to put the kids in public school. It was so hard to admit defeat in the area of homeschooling because it is something I think can be such a wonderful thing.

God continually reminded me that He could take care of my kids no matter where they were...home...public school...or Christian school.

And so I had to trust Him to take care of them. It sounds foolish to say that--but it was really hard for me to let them go out into the harsh cold world.

Last year, Molly began asking to go to Christian school. I shared my own longing with her and told her to pray that if God wanted them to go, He would make a way. Honestly, my faith was rather weak in this area. I mean, really, how could we possibly afford to send all the kids to a Christian school?

Well, WE couldn't but GOD could.

And so we prayed.

When we first started attending our current church, I was approached by a family who serves on the board of a small Christian school, wondering if we would be interested in sending our kids there. I laughed and said yes, but we could never afford it.

Over the past 10 months there have been occasional references to the school, but each time, I brushed them off, knowing we could not afford the tuition.

Last week, the mom and kids of the above family came over for a playdate. The mom mentioned again that the school was looking for students and that they might be interested in working with us on the tuition problem.

I gave her permission to have the school principal call us and started to have a glimmer of hope that God might be up to something.

He was.

The principal called and after a long talk, asked me to come up with a number we could afford and get back to her. Jeff came up with a number and I went to visit the school the next morning.

It's a very small school. Each class has about 5-8 students. After showing the kids around, she and I sat down to talk about coming to the school. Bottom line...she is willing to take what we can afford because our family's story of 10 adoptions touches her heart.

And so...our God, Jehova Jirah our Provider, has made a way for our five elementary kids to attend a Christian school this year. And not just any Christian school. A small school.

You see, several our kids struggle with some learning problems. They have IEP's and need extra help. They get pulled out of class for tutoring with groups of about 5-6 kids. It is a great help to them, but they miss class instruction and end up having lots of extra homework that they didn't have time to finish in class.

This year they will have a full class size of 5 or 6 and will get that 'tutoring' all day long.

Only God!

We live 25 minutes from the school, so it will mean a significant amount of driving for us, but I am trying to concentrate on the GOOD in this situation rather than how I will be spending two hours a day in the car. ha ha.

I'll have to find a little schoolhouse to put in our Memorial Box.


Holly said...

That IS amazing girl!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It is so helpful to be reminded again and again of God's faithfulness as we stand looking at the gap between where we are and where we need to be very soon financially with Elaina's adoption. God IS Jehovah Jireh!!
love you!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

What an amazing gift! Lisa had told me about this but I so enjoyed reading the entire story!

Looking forward to our trip to Boston next summer!


trustandobey said...

Do you think they would take my kids too? It would mean 18 hours in the car every day but I think I could manage:)
This is a wonderful story of God's provision. Perfect for my life right now!
ps-So looking forward to next summer!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I just love reading MBM stories, especially ones about God's provision as it is the area that I specifically am struggling with right now. Reminders of His provision and faithfulness renew and strengthen my faith. What a blessing for your children. May they have an amazing year in their new school~

Penny said...

Oh Karin! That is so amazing! God is just sooo wonderful, isn't He? We put our kids in Lenawee Christian last year and I am so pleased. And when we were struggling to afford tuition this year, God opened a job at the school for me. I am daily amazed at His provision and no matter how many times I say "I'll never forget that God loves my kids more than I do" I always wind up forgetting it. He does love our kids more than we can ever understand and provides them exactly what they need exactly when they need it.

I'm so excited for ya'll!

Sharon said...

How wonderful!!! This sounds like a situation SO much better than last year! I'm sure this is such a relief for you. So happy things worked out.

Sean and Lisa said...

Ah God! Only He could move hearts, open doors and faithfully do what we think is next to impossible!!
Rejoicing with you and sweet Molly in answered prayers!
Much love!

Kim K. said...

This makes my heart happy for you. What a beautiful story.

Cari said...

I enjoyed reading this, Karin. The words "emotionally fragile" really jumped out at me...hmmm...kind of like my daughter. What an amazing God we have to provide exactly what we need when we need it!

Anonymous said...
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Keith and Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this story about how God provided. So encouraging, and such good news for your kiddos and you!

Susan A said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing provision from our Father for your children's schooling! Amazing. :) Got tears in my eyes. :)

Nicole said...

This is FABULOUS! Like you I too hope and pray that Christian school is in our future! Trusting HIM with the timing!


Gretchen said...

How wonderful that God puts desires on our hearts and then works them out (without our help).

Love seeing the blessings He is providing for you!

Todd,Michelle Bloom said...

Praising God for His faithfulness to ALWAYS do what is best for us and at just the right time! He never ceases to amaze me...working in ways we do not expect. Celebrating His goodness and loving care with you. Blessings, friend! Shelly

David and Janet Hurley said...

How awesome!, He is amazing!