Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can't think of an interesting title...

Sorry to be gone from the blog...I had my very first photo shoot for a newly engaged couple and I have been busy editing their photos. So fun!

Tomorrow I am taking Zoey and Chloe to Shriners to see what they have to say about the girls' legs and feet. I am hopeful that if Zoey needs her amputation soon, they will be willing to get it set up. She is really limping badly now because she has grown so much since coming home from China. Her good leg is much longer now than her other leg.

Chloe is needing a lift because her hip and back is obviously skewed to one side due to her leg length difference. Maybe they will get us started on that.

So we will have a girl road trip tomorrow!
Jeff is staying home from work to be with the kids. Unfortunately, he went to bed sick tonight, so I am hoping he is feeling better by morning.


A few days ago, the kids pleaded with me to get out their pool.
Kinda hard to secure your spot in a small pool with eight kids in it, but Chloe is still smiling.

Gasp. "Ohhhh...I think I got my face wet. This is not good, chica."
(Yes, 'chica' is his new word thanks to a Spanish speaking friend who shall remain nameless.')

"Hmph. There's no room in here for diving."

"Step aside, chumps. I'm goin' in."

"I'd give myself a 9.5."

But then Mama got distracted by some beautiful flowers growing just to the left of the pool and wandered off to photograph them. (Yes, the kids were safe with big sister, Jillian, in their 12 inch deep water.)

God's creation is just so stunningly beautiful.

I know this is a weed, but it's still so pretty. And nice of the bumble bee to stop by to be photographed.


Waitingfaithfully said...

Thinking of you tomorrow as you visit Shriners, praying you get the answers you are looking for--and whatever help is best for the girls. Praying Jeff is feeling better.

Love the new photos--the kids and the flowers, two of my favorite subjects! The "Chica" thing cracks me up!



Lori said...

Wowie, you've had a lot going on.

Love the chica thing. That's too funny!

Praying for you and the girls as you go to your appointments at Shriners!

Love the pics, as usual! Amazing photography...and amazing little faces!

Oh and so cool to do the engagement photo shoot! So fun!!

Kim K. said...

Best wishes with your girls doctors appointments. I'll be thinking and praying for you all. Love the new pictures. I've missed you. How cool that you are pursuing photography professionally.

sara said...

I love that one of the girls is wearing water wings in 12" of water!!! :)

praying for you today as you head to shriners.

Gretchen said...

Hope the Doctor appointments went well.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Love the flower shots. Can't wait to see some of your work from your first photo shoot!

Enjoy these last few days of summer and hope the girls' road trip went well today!


Adeye said...

Yayyeee, so glad you get to do a photo shoot. I bet the pics will be amazing!!!!!

Let us know how the Dr appointments went, friend.