Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have a friend...

...who is doing a fundraiser for her adoption. They are adopting a little girl with special needs from China and have a lot of fees to pay. The necklaces are GORGEOUS! There are adoption related ones, but also non-adoption ones. Go check out my friend's page, follow the link she lists and get the code to put in with your order. You'll get a great piece of jewelry and you can feel good about 30% of the proceeds going to help unite an orphaned child with her forever family!


Holly said...

Oh Karin. You are such a gem. Thank you so much for your support. Today was such a heavy day and I keep commanding my soul to praise the Lord. Praying and trusting despite the fear that sometimes rises up. Praying hard about applying for a interest free loan would be GREAT...I have no idea if we can borrow as much as we still need, but GOD KNOWS!! I will speak it again and again GOD IS FAITHFUL and He called us and He delights in setting the lonely into families. He will see us through.
Thank you for your support. With everything we have endured throughout this journey, your support and love means more than I have words to explain.

Jean said...

I'm in! I like jewelry! I'm heading over to check it out!!

and BTW you have more than A friend- you have two friends- I'm one of them! ;-)