Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Smell of Rain

I love the smell of rain. It means means flowers and green grass. It means I have to stay inside and listen to a bunch of kids fighting. Oh...yeah, that's the part I DON'T like!

It is colder today and rained briefly, so we are forced to abandon our hope of cavorting around the yard. Drat. I guess I'll have to stay inside and edit the photos from yesterday.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and we played outside all day. Well...the kids played and I took pictures (so technically, I was 'playing' too). I had thought that Kate and Zoey were keeping up pretty well with our other kids, but once outside, the differences began to be pretty evident. Kate's gross motor skills are pretty poor--even compared to Zoey. Zoey tries to run--bless her heart--but on the uneven ground in the yard, she had a bit of trouble. It didn't stop her from trying--it's just that the other kids ran much faster. This may change for both girls as they gain strength and get used to running around. It really doesn't matter because they all have a blast together (when they're not fighting over the toys!).

"With the cleverness of a chipmunk, I harvest my 'nuts.'"

"I was overwrought at the discovery that I had to give up "MY" swing to Zoey, to use the one next to it that is exactly the same. My mom's power of persuasion calmed me down and I am now happy to use the middle swing. I will not be using the swing on the far left, however, because well...that would rock my boat."

Seeing them sticking their heads out the windows causes the thought, "Cuckoo! Cuckoo! to spring to mind.

Big sister helped push the swings and squash all the creepy bugs in the playhouse.

My little monkey is afraid of heights, so he stays on the bottom rungs.

Relishing the freedom of running through the grass

We are still waiting and praying for news from the doctors at U of M regarding a decision and date for Kate's surgery. I am fighting fear and just asking God to help me trust Him. I guess the concern in the doctor's eyes kind of unnerved me a little. On one hand, open heart surgery is 'routine' these days...but on the other hand, open heart surgery is also a big risk.


mncfi said...

Such lovely pictures of your happy gang! I'll be praying for your Kate and for you. And that her doctors have wise minds, gentle hearts and skilled hands.

Gretchen said...

No worries, my friend. God has it all figured out. I will be praying with you!