Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Memorial Box Monday

A friend of mine started "Memorial Box Monday" as a way to remember and share ways that God had worked in their lives. She has a Memorial Box and she puts a small item in the box to represent each story. I have really enjoyed reading her posts and I told her I would try to remember to do this on Monday's. Of course, I forgot--and just noticed that she had posted one on her blog. Some are current stories, some are from years ago. So, here is my Memorial Box Monday post--on Tuesday. :)

A little over two years ago, God whispered a name to me...Joy. I knew it was a name that He wanted us to use for a daughter someday. A month or so later, I came across a logo in Chinese and English that said, "Pure Joy." I printed it out and saved it, thinking it would be so cool to have a little girl whose name meant
'pure joy.'

For 18 months, I looked for 'Joy' and wondered where she was. I looked at many different countries but there was never a little one that God seemed to be pointing out to me. Then, as you know, this summer we heard about Kate. God moved mountains to get her home to us.

While we waited to hear if we would be allowed to adopt her, we started to think about a first name that would go with the middle name, "Joy." Several in our family loved the name, Katelyn. I got out the baby name book to see the meaning of the name, Katelyn.

It meant, 'pure.'

"Pure Joy"


Joyful Mom said...

I have chills--that is absolutely beautiful.

Mom Of Many said...

Awwww! I love it!! I am also thrilled that you started a Memorial Box Monday post...

You are only the second person to do it and the first one did it the day before for the first time!!

I will high light you and her next Monday...thank you for doing it!!

And I love your Pure Joy Word from the Lord! Yippee Jesus!! xo

Cari Bacon said...

You know the song, "How Great is Our God!"? This morning these words came to my mind, "The splendor of the King. Cloaked in majesty". What a powerful image those words portray, and to think He pursues us! Pure Joy! Praise the Lord!

Lisa said...

I just stopped by from A Place Called Simplicity and wanted to say that I love your Memorial Box Monday post! I have been looking for one and want to start one too. I LOVE the idea of remembering what God has done in a visual way!

I can't wait to read further into your blog and "meet you"!!!

Many Blessings,