Friday, March 06, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

No matter what the weather is like, spring is coming for two reasons.
--One, the local ice cream place has opened.
--Two, my daffodils are coming up!

I realize the little sprouts could be covered with snow again, but at least I know they are there, with the promise of spring around the corner.

We have had a few days of weather in the 40's and 50's, so we went outside for a little bit to get some fresh air. Zoey and Kate have apparently never tried a swing, because they were laughing with a surprised kind of delight at trying them out. Kate slumped over in the baby swing because she tends to be a limp noodle, but she LOVED it! Zoey is very athletic and can handle the regular swing. She also LOVED it. It was so fun to see them experience this new activity and see the sparkle in their eyes.

It was Jordan's birthday this week and he was able to ride his new Big Wheel birthday present outside after coming home from his birthday lunch out with Mom and Dad. He was very happy and we were proud of him for being willing to share it. We don't require the kids to share their new birthday toys, so it was totally on his own.

Zoey and Kate continue to be settling in well and learning English. They are very different but get along fairly well. There is a lot more fighting between the 'triplet's' then there has ever been with our other kids, but we are working on 'being nice.' Jake has been picking up Chinese and speaks to them and to me in his Chinese words. It cracks us up because he uses the Chinese before he uses English. Kate is really lagging behind in gross motor skills so we are trying to coax her into doing more for herself. Jake and Zoey can climb stairs and get up on their kitchen chairs easily, but Kate cannot. She is the oldest of the three. We aren't sure if it is due to heart condition or if she just managed to get her foster mom to hold her all the time (like she does with me!) and just hasn't developed strength in her leg muscles. She tends to be a princess, and wants everyone to wait on her, which is pretty funny. Yesterday, Jake got socks for the girls and wanted to help them put them on. Zoey was disgusted and waved him off, but Kate delicately raised her little foot for him to put her sock on. She is a trooper, though about taking medicine and being poked and prodded by doctors, which is a blessing, since she has much of that in her future. She is rescheduled for a heart cath on March 13, so we are hoping she is all over her cold by then. We are all still coughing and blowing from the virus that doesn't seem to want to leave our house. Enough already!

Taylor and Ginger share a rare quiet moment last night.

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Mom Of Many said...

Sweet pictures sweet friend! I will pray that that nasty virus leaves your house NOW!

My little Elijah cried till 2:10am last night....just couldn't get happy for I would keep going in and holding him...comforting him, laying him down...then he would scream....I guess he's teething..and no TYlenol in the house, that's something I hadn't bought since the fire...arggh...

Anyway, I pray that Spring is here soon for both of us...I know I could use it...Of course as I type that I look up and seeing the snow coming down - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Love from me to you!