Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jeff and Jillian's 'Major Award"

If you know Jeff and I very well, you will know that we love to quote movie lines all the time. One of our favorite movies is "The Christmas Story." It has such great lines to quote. Every time someone in our family wins anything (however small and insignificant), we proclaim "____ has won a major award," in our best dad-in-that-movie voice.

Last night was the annual Awana Grand Prix pinewood derby race. Awana Club is a Wednesday night activity at church. Last year, Jillian's car didn't win but this year....drum roll please....she came in second place! Her design was a watermelon. Dad painted it red and Jillian put the finishing details on it.

Bummer about the blurry picture, but this is the only one I took of her car.

The trophies were on backorder, so no picture of the MAJOR AWARD. I think it's safe to say it won't be a leg lamp, though.

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Miranda said...

Hi from Canada!

I just had to comment on your "Roll up to win" Tim Hortons cup. Tims is very big in Canada and it was pretty neat to see a Tims cup in your photo.

Love your blog,