Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shifting gears

Since I am sick of posting about poo and barf, I figure you are tired of reading about it. So, today I decided that we were going to pretend we were all feeling fine. The sun was shining (yay!)and I was feeling the need to do something creative. Since the sun porch was warmed by the sun, it was time to take some photos of the kids. I have pictures of our first three sets of kids (ie: Ryan with Taylor, Jillian with Molly, and Chloe with SaraGrace) hanging in our hallway, but didn't have our last two sets. I had tried to have Jordan and Jake's picture taken at Walmart but it turned out so awful that I couldn't hang it up.

Here are some of our pictures...some good, some not so good. Smile.

I love this one because Kate just leaned in and hugged Zoey spontaneously.

I love this one, too, because Kate looks like she is checking to see how Zoey is handling the strain of posing for photos for paparazzi Mama.

I wish I could say that no one barfed today but 'cough until you puke' was the name of the game today. Enough said....

People often tell us that we need a huge house, and Jeff usually says we don't because our kids always end up in a five foot square area around us. This is especially true in the morning when I am in the bathroom trying to get ready to face the day. I try to sneak in there dreaming of some privacy. Alas the kids seem to have radar superior to homing pigeons. Within minutes, they all start to straggle in. This morning I had the usual running commentary. "Wats dat? Why you do dat? Hewe's you toothbrush." And then they said it. "Ewww...." Just when you are starting to think that maybe you don't look too bad for your age, your kids comments slap you back to reality. Couldn't they come up with something nicer than, "Ewwww...?" I usually mutter something like, "Well, you don't have to look. I don't remember inviting you in here. No one is making you stay." They just smile at me as if to say, "We still love you, Mommy, even if the mere sight of you makes us gasp involuntarily." At least I don't let snot run out of my nose an into my mouth and lick it, like they do! Now THAT deserves an "Ewwww...."

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